Jun 1, 2013

MI's win and Sachin's last IPL...!

It's been a long wait to see Mumbai Indians lift the Indian Premier League trophy. Since the very beginning, this team has been one of my favorites not just for the title win but also for the streak of players it consists. It strengthens the franchisee when it has the senior supporting staff and more importantly and equally backing management. Mrs. Neeta Ambani has been one of the active visitors to her team's outings in the field. Not just with her smile, with her juncture as well she has made a definite place for herself in the team. For me, personally, she is a role model franchisee owner.

When you are a fan of Sachin Tendulkar, you cannot stop yourself for long time from saying that you have supported MI as he being one of the biggest reasons. In any team game, any player is too lesser to the team. Well, fortunately, when it comes to Sachin, he himself broke many generalizations, and that gives every chance for us to follow him.

As I missed Mrs. Ambani while watching the MI celebrations at the Eden Gardens on the night of the IPL final, the 'thank you' message in today's TOI has pleasingly surprised me! I wish BCCI or Team India adopts this for their major wins and for the ever lasting support of cricket's and Team India's fans.

Sachin's announcement saying that he has played his last IPL this time has surprised me. Not in the sense that he should not have done that. But, I remember him not quitting cricket after India won the world cup two years back when everyone was anticipating him to do so. If I remember it correctly, he mentioned that it is your selfishness to retire when you are in good form or after your team wins a major tournament. Now, as MI wins the IPL season-6, I'm not sure if it is not being considered as a major tournament or if the form of him is not satisfyingly good. I believe the reason to be the later than to the former. With that, his retirement from all forms of cricket might just be around the corner! If so, India must be ready to farewell its best ever cricketer.

Congratulations MI... :)

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