Jul 31, 2013

Making impressions...

Power of different leaders becomes evident at different point of times. Showing power and making inspiring impression are two different sides of a single game. As long as you are one of the spectators of the game, you understand the victory as a win and loss as a defeat. Once you start playing the game, you will actually understand how to read the win-loss statement and their practical definitions. Power lies in a victory. But 'making impressions' could lie in a win as well as in a loss.  

Jul 28, 2013

Movie: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' is an inspirational biopic, produced and directed by one of the bollywood's finest directors, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Prasoon Joshi's carefully written script does take the story and the emotions deep into you. 

Milkha Singh, India's most successful athlete in the track and field events, needs no introduction. An Olympian he is, a proud one indeed. Being the best Indian runner among his contemporaries, he has been inspiring the generations in choosing their run. His achievements and glory are truly out of hard work and commitment. For any champion, its important that he or she must set targets. In the history, the targets have defined the champions. The target that Milkha Singh had set for himself was to break the world record in 400 m run, who later successfully changed it down. Changing records isn't that easy and if there is any doubt about it in any corner of anyone's mind, the way this film depicts Milkha Singh's punishing workout and practice, waves off the same. 

For all of us as an audience his runs, records, wins and glory are important things to look at. Not just that, they give us enough inspiration to strive for the best in the work we do, whatever the field it may be. But for the director, and if I'm not wrong, for Mr. Milkha Singh himself, running the movie around his 1960 Olympics loss was important. For director it's for keeping his audience to their seats and for Milkha Singh, it's to let the world know him, his past and his pain from his personal life. All in all, it was a good move and brave attempt by the director. 

For the stereo types of Indian cinema to get through the audience, either you must show the hero's win at the end if it's a fiction. And if at all you want to show the hero's defeat, you must dare to do an according biopic or at least you must attach a tag saying that the film is based on real incidents. Unless you do that you are not accepted to show a hero's defeat. This movie revolves around the hero's biggest losses of his career, perhaps of his life. I really hope the reason for the defeat shown was not a typical cinema stunt. Well, none of us know it. Better believe that it was not fake. 

After watching the movie I thought the movie wandered around his Olympic defeat leaving out all of his greatest achievements. But later, once it got sink in, I realized the importance of looking at the movie with winner's eyes. It depicts the making of a champion, an all time great runner of India. 

If a movie can bring stardom to an artist, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one such movie for Farhan Akhtar. If he was not considered in star's list earlier to this film, it was the last time to happen. What a man! What an artist he is! and what a runner as well. Farhan has done an unexpectedly great job as Milkha Singh. You can easily understand his efforts that he put in to make himself appearing as India's finest athlete ever lived. He did not act as a runner, he actually ran. And the best part is that you can actually sense it. 

I'm damn sure, Farhan Akhtar will be one of the best competitors for all award races this year. I hope he will win plenty. Well done Farhan and all the best. Also, I will support Divya Dutta for a best performance in a supporting actress' role.

Being a basic follower of sports, I'd been dying to watch this biopic. After watching it, my desire to watch many of such biopics of sports men and women is increased. As the next one is already on the sets, i.e. the movie based on Marry Kom's life, my best wishes are with the team of the film and Priyanka Chopra, a versatile actress among her contemporaries, who is playing the leading lady role.

Hope India cinema will continue to honor our legends through many more biopics. 

Those moments, in rain!

Remembering those moments,
With you under the rain shower,
Forgetting the pain, and every else,
Making it a touch wood, for life.

As the droplets run down,
Hearts warm up from within.
As the world escapes slowly,
Just you and I remain, closely.

Every step we made,
In need of oneness,
In search of happiness,
Resulted in the togetherness.

Beautiful ever those times are.
Memorable ever those moments are,
Times and moments of being with you,
You make my time, you make me.

Jul 27, 2013

A daily dose of exercise!

This is to spread the word a doctor had told me couple of years back!

"If you do not spare at least half an hour in a day for yourself for exercising, you are not living for yourself at all"

Exercise is the most important routine we must have in our day to day life. By saying that I do want to confess that even I hide behind plenty of reasons, laziness tops the list though, to skip the daily exercise. Feeling like not doing it, skipping it thinking of the pain here and there and no one knows if its really pain, thinking that the day has gone with physical exercise at work etc are some of my famous reasons for not exercising. Knowing all these does not change the motive. But understanding the importance of exercising can do so. If not anything else, when I used to exercise regularly, it used to open two doors for me: one, I could eat more what I like. And two, I used feel confident that I would be less prone to illness. 

It's been almost a year that I stopped doing this daily routine at home. Well, i must confess. This one year has been the tough time of my work life and personal life during which I needed the exercise the most! I can't get back the days. But I can certainly change the time to come. I've decided to give it a shot every day. Let me see how much I'd succeed in keeping it up.

Keeping my routine apart, it's important for everyone. starting from earlier ages to the old ages, one shall have some physical form of exercise which he or she shall do religiously. More than that, spending time to oneself gives immense interest in one's own life. This is applicable for women the most. Who, by nature and by the kind of routine they carry, are bound to do work for their family. Studies say that keeping time for oneself always creates a kind of satisfaction that helps in supporting others/family in a better way. I fully agree to that and I experienced the same as well. It's utmost important that we from internally feel that we live for ourselves too. That's the motive. That's the work force. That's the tonic for anyone to be energetic and complacent in what they do.

Friends, do exercise. And also along with that, spend time to do the things for yourself, doing which you feel like you have given importance to yourself at least for sometime. This will help in efficiently spending time for our own people too. 

Tough times make you tougher... Take Home #242

Tough times make you tougher. Thank them and also thank the people who knowingly or unknowingly create them for you. Just hang on and keep up your spirit to crack the difficult times. Confidence will build up as well as the dealing capability. 

Jul 26, 2013

Happiness ever after...

Relationships are not just made of people. They are made of sacrifices and adjustments too. Never try to prove to your partner all that you have been doing for him or her until and unless, by your heart, you feel that you cannot hold it any more and helpless. You may not be aware of what he or she must have been doing for you.

In case one bursts out, the other shall hold back for the moment to let the wall fall completely such that the relationship builds itself back . All it needs is knowing each other. And later comes the forgiving, adjustment and happiness ever after.

Success-mantra... Take Home #241

You never know how long you can be part of any game. But as long as you are and you can, try to ensure that the game is played fair. 

This might not be a winning-mantra always but this is a success-mantra. 

Its the matter of understanding...!

Understanding things half-way is more dangerous than not understanding the things.

But, neither does that mean that one should not try to understand nor that not understanding things is incorrect. Most of the times, we shall go by the conscience, as we all can stuck mid way through our wish to understand the things completely because of many reasons. All one can or shall do is to be more conscious in our try and hold it tight forgetting the fatigue until we can. Humanly impossible it could be, sometimes. But every time, humans can forgive each other, help each other and move forward towards success together.

Jul 17, 2013

Mr. Modi, all the best

After a long time, I feel like I've been thinking about Indian politics these days again. Also, I feel like wishing a politician for his or his team's success. I'm not wary of the statistics. But somewhere from the corner of my mind and heart, I feel like supporting a political party for their PM candidate. As the rupee value is going down and down every hour, we, Indians certainly  need a PM who is not just a brainy, but also a gutsy and charming. Being a citizen and as an amateur writer of politics, I frankly do not know what else must be written on this topic here. I just wish Mr. Narendra Modi and his team a hearty all the best. Looking forward for his charm to work out at India level as well. I'm at the moment surely not taking any side. But just wish and hope that he and his ideas work out. Well, new faces are always welcomed. Hope he does utilize it. 

Jul 14, 2013

Do not fear... Take Home #240

Though we need not fear in life for anything, being humans we all succumb to fear at times. Remember, where you can achieve something by not fearing, do not fear. At least, resist the fear and enjoy the fruits.

Learn and Grow... Take Home #239

Two things we strive for in life are learning and growing. The later has limits and the former has no limits. Whereas both are important, at different point of times one of them shall be taken on priority.