Jul 27, 2013

A daily dose of exercise!

This is to spread the word a doctor had told me couple of years back!

"If you do not spare at least half an hour in a day for yourself for exercising, you are not living for yourself at all"

Exercise is the most important routine we must have in our day to day life. By saying that I do want to confess that even I hide behind plenty of reasons, laziness tops the list though, to skip the daily exercise. Feeling like not doing it, skipping it thinking of the pain here and there and no one knows if its really pain, thinking that the day has gone with physical exercise at work etc are some of my famous reasons for not exercising. Knowing all these does not change the motive. But understanding the importance of exercising can do so. If not anything else, when I used to exercise regularly, it used to open two doors for me: one, I could eat more what I like. And two, I used feel confident that I would be less prone to illness. 

It's been almost a year that I stopped doing this daily routine at home. Well, i must confess. This one year has been the tough time of my work life and personal life during which I needed the exercise the most! I can't get back the days. But I can certainly change the time to come. I've decided to give it a shot every day. Let me see how much I'd succeed in keeping it up.

Keeping my routine apart, it's important for everyone. starting from earlier ages to the old ages, one shall have some physical form of exercise which he or she shall do religiously. More than that, spending time to oneself gives immense interest in one's own life. This is applicable for women the most. Who, by nature and by the kind of routine they carry, are bound to do work for their family. Studies say that keeping time for oneself always creates a kind of satisfaction that helps in supporting others/family in a better way. I fully agree to that and I experienced the same as well. It's utmost important that we from internally feel that we live for ourselves too. That's the motive. That's the work force. That's the tonic for anyone to be energetic and complacent in what they do.

Friends, do exercise. And also along with that, spend time to do the things for yourself, doing which you feel like you have given importance to yourself at least for sometime. This will help in efficiently spending time for our own people too. 

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