Jul 17, 2013

Mr. Modi, all the best

After a long time, I feel like I've been thinking about Indian politics these days again. Also, I feel like wishing a politician for his or his team's success. I'm not wary of the statistics. But somewhere from the corner of my mind and heart, I feel like supporting a political party for their PM candidate. As the rupee value is going down and down every hour, we, Indians certainly  need a PM who is not just a brainy, but also a gutsy and charming. Being a citizen and as an amateur writer of politics, I frankly do not know what else must be written on this topic here. I just wish Mr. Narendra Modi and his team a hearty all the best. Looking forward for his charm to work out at India level as well. I'm at the moment surely not taking any side. But just wish and hope that he and his ideas work out. Well, new faces are always welcomed. Hope he does utilize it. 

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