Aug 15, 2013

66 years of Independence...!

Happy Independence Day to all Indians!

Year after year we celebrate the Independence day at every corner of our country on 15th August. The next dawn brings back the regular responsibilities and routine. We get engaged with our own lives. We at times do not mind to know about our nation's stance on the world wide happenings, especially alongside the boarder. Once in a while when either of the surrounding countries get through our security forces and if some shoot out type happens we do read in news papers and listen in news channels. And the next dawn brings everything back as usual. 

That's nothing wrong or different from how it is in any other country, I guess. Every country needs every type of person and professionals who take forward the nation in all aspects. Who ensure the nation stand tall and prove on the world's stage. All fields and professions are important so as the women, who do provide the necessary support to their families and that too unconditionally. So as the job of the Indian defense forces. A very important one for the country, rather the top most. They live and die for their country, only for their country at instances. It's very important that we acknowledge their every sacrifice. It is as well important that we acknowledge their sacrifices by doing our jobs sincerely. After all, their job is let us live our lives. And why not we live lives by putting in all efforts! 

Salute and many thanks to the Indian Defense Forces. The then leaders ensured our country's Independence and these heroes have been taking forward the responsibility. I as well salute all leaders fought India's Independence struggle. 

I dedicate this post to all those officers and sailors who have lost their lives in the SindhuRakshak tragedy. May a lot strength and love bestow on their families. 

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