Aug 4, 2013

Friend, you are the one!

In the moments of Joy,
In the moments of sorrow,
In the moments of setback,
In the moments of triumph,
You are the one!

You are the one,
Making the laughter of joy,
Shedding the tears of  sorrow,
Patting the back in setback,
Sharing the fruits of triumph.

Friends fill colors in life. Friends bring smiles to the moments. In need, in pain, they be the ones to support, to encourage. They play a major role in keeping our spirits high always. More than anything else, they give the moral support, which is much needed to keep a person's confidence levels on constant note. Keeping apart what a friend is and does for you, it's important that you be the friend, to share and care your friends as well. 

The best way to win a friend is to be a friend.

1 comment:

Pria said...

I missed my friends more than ever on this friendship day :(