Aug 15, 2013

I write for IBL #2 - It must also be about keeping the nation united

It's just the half way through the second day and we have been through the excitement already. There has been a 20-20 winning shot, couple of 11 point deciders, Jwala-Ashwini and Saina-Sindhu ties and last as well as the rarest of the rare, Gopi Chand into the mike in the commentators box. Now, that's IBL for you. You follow it and you get the joy of the game.

Pune Pistons Vs Delhi Smashers...
Pune Pistons and Delhi Smashers had been through a near nail-biter yesterday night. Beginning match was the highlight of all. The mixed doubles tie went till the third and the decider game. Couple of Ashwini's smashers and Jwala's placements stole my sleep at almost mid-night. Pune Pistons won the maiden set yesterday. Congratulations to them. 

Commentary department...
Game apart, commentary is one department I'm sure the organizers/sponsors/telecasters would concentrate upon. There is a result already bringing in two male commentators for today's matches. There have been enough female badminton former players/ex-coaches. I'd love to hear at least couple of them in the days to come. The Delhi crowd is seen encouraging and enjoying. A good and right sign. Hope they would continue to do so. All players need at some moments are applauds. They can change the results and it has been proved at number of occasions across the different sports. Delhi guys, keep it up!

Saina Vs Sindhu...
I learnt couple of days back that the Saina vs Sindhu is scheduled to happen on the Independence day. I've been waiting for the same since then and even more wait has been there from this morning. You wait long in front of an open door to see if anyone come there, someone's foot steps are heard suddenly, your heart lit up and the door shuts! Some what the same happened to me before the start of this match. The power-cut. Pune's Thursday special! Thoughts boomed around my mind. some good wishes too. Such as "there shall come a day when there is a Saina-Sindhu tie and the power is never cut intentionally", like the way it happens when India play a crucial match in the country's most watched sport. Well, the fan started running as well as the LEDs on the set-top box. I quickly turned the channel ON and the play had been going on already. 

Though I was excited to watch the match, I knew what I wanted the result to be. The Saina's win. No partiality or side-taking. I thought, if Sindhu won today, a lot other thing would go around than about the IBL itself. And that would definitely prove bad for both these young players. Hence I wanted such result and yes Saina won it with the head to head first game and a single sided second one. 

Saina will now be more conscious anyway knowing her opponent's capabilities and Sindhu will, I think, work more on her mental strength and never-die attitude. From the last two matches I watched of Sindhu, I can state that her body language suggests her opponents if she is trying to win it or play it. That's where Sindhu's game becomes a open door for anyone to get through. Gopi Chand would have already started working on it. And Saina, she is a warrior, a fighter soul. For today's game, it was undoubtedly Saina who was carrying the pressure as her opponent and the stunning teenager won the world's bronze by beating couple of top Chinese players in a row. Not just that, Saina herself was going through a tough phase of her career these days. Her metal ability has won the match for her as well as for the Hyderabad Hotshots. 

Not just about winning matches, it must also be about keeping the nation united...
Congratulations Saina, Cheers Sindhu! With full of my heart I hope these two players will unite the nation and certainly do not divide. There have been the contemporary rivals who have at many occasions left a tough choice for Indians by ending up in all such controversies. I really want to see these two girls turn all the around and be the faces of women-ism with generosity, competitiveness and support for each other. Responsibility will have to be shared by their coach too! It's not just about bringing up many players, coaching is also about keeping them all together as much as one can! I wish Gopi Sir all the very best to achieve so.

IBL gives many chances for other forces to play their part in inducing any possible negative kind of rivalry among players, especially the iconic ones. 'Forces' include the media, team management and sponsors etc. We being the audience certainly cannot stop all that but as an audience we must cheer for the game, for the togetherness of the players. I've just seen a poster by someone from the crowd by crossing a player's name and putting on the name of the other player. That's no good. 

Well, that's quite common and sports men/women are made to go through all this. I wish a lot strength to all the players to stay united and keep the nation united.

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