Aug 22, 2013

I write for IBL #4 - Well fought ones and way to go!

Little amount of controversies always make the game more interesting if not from the point of view of understanding the game, at least to see those controversial players in action. I'm not the exception too. I've just searched about Taufik Hidayat, the latest one to rebuke the IBL auction. He is correct to some extent. If some talented players are paid less just for the reason that they have either quite the game or they are towards the end of their career, something is definitely unjustified. Well, after all it's Indian Badminton League and no reason why Indian players must not get better amount. With its future seasons to come, I hope IBL will get in more international players as well as more Indian talents/youngsters. More teams, more matches and more entertainment shall get the audience to the stadiums. Nonetheless, this inaugural season of IBL has been enough successful so far. Way to go!

During the tie between MM and KDS, when I saw Sachin Tendulkar in the stands, I though if anyone from the audience would have thought, because of IBL they had got a chance to see Sachin. Well it's inspiring to the young players to have some of the legendary Indian players watch them play from stands, applaud along with the crowd as they hit smashes. Way to go again!

The match that interested me the most in the last couple of days is the mixed doubled between MM and KDS. Seeing the two top ranked world class singles players play against the skillful doubles players from India. Lee and Tina made goof pair on court. Prajaktha Sawant from KDS, is interesting me more and more from match to match. Her placement smashes look beautiful as well as her smile. The way Ashwini and Nielsen put back the fight, even after their team's close to sweep out show, was a great learning for any aspiring young players. One must not leave any chances knowingly. Put back the fight. Either you will win or you will learn to be stubborn, which is very important to become a champion. 

Saina Nehwal has been impressive throughout this season of IBL. She came back from a game-love to win the match against Schenk, who was even more impressive and inspiring. At her age against the competition she was playing amidst the Indian crowd, she put on a tremendous display of will power to win the points. Hats off to her. One more reason to like Schenk, who is already one of my favorite players. 

Jayaram fought surprisingly well against Lee. Though he has lost, this performance of him will undoubtedly bring up his confidence in the days to come. Hyderabad Hotshots are looking one of the strong teams of all. I was waiting for the MM vs HH tie and HH came out victorious. 

Sindhu's today's performance would have definitely made her confident before the crucial Saturday's tie of her team with the Mumbai Masters. But she is still not up to the mark in this IBL yet. One giant-killing win and I'm sure she will be back. Let's hope for the best. Awadhe Warriors have made it their day today by crashing through the Krrish Delhi Smashers. Congratulation for their first win of the season. Carolina Marin, especially with her smile, did well against Sindhu in the last game just by putting the pressure on the teenager. Wish to see her again in action tomorrow against Schenk. Mixed doubled used to excite me the most but these days it's Women's singles! Why not again I say, way to go!

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