Aug 27, 2013

I write for IBL #6 - All that helps you winning is your display of play

On the fine Sunday evening and the day 10 of the inaugural IBL, Krrish Delhi Smashers  thrashed Banga Beats to keep their hopes alive to reach the final four. The long wait to watch Jwala and Diju together on the court ended same day. And they had not thrashed the hoped of their team. They won and won it in style, I mean, the tense style to drag it to the decider game. Women's singles between these two teams was another nail biter. For the first time, I saw Carolina Marin getting to tense moments on the court, and that too to let the umpire show her an yellow card. Jindapon played her best. Her smile is addicting.

AW and PP played one of the tournament's best ties. Sindhu's performance was convincing enough and a much required not just for her team for herself as well. Schenk once again proved too competitive to be playing against. At her age, with her experience she was near to deceptive  for Sindhu. I always wanted to watch a 20-20 winning shots. In this particular match, not just me but every fan with similar wish could get to watch two back to back 20-20 winning shots and too by same player. Well done Sindhu and Schenk. Srikanth played a confident match against his Indian counterpart. Markis Kiddo, as I already mentioned, he is one of the reasons why I'm slightly towards AW for the title win. His two outings in the middle in the two doubles games have been the most important and helping ones for the warriors. AW won it and they are in the semis now.

HH playing in Hyderabad today amidst the home crowd. I must admit, out of all venues, Hyderabad crowd and especially the ones sitting in the audience today have been the most noisy. Literally could not hear anything what the umpire was saying! When Saina was on the court, needless to say, they were all in full spirits. Ying played it her best. In fact she fought for the match. Saina had to sweat it out till the end. What interested me more than the game was the coaches of Banga Beats. Knowing that they were already out of the tournament, the way they encouraged the teenager was inspiring and a lot to learn from that. Kashyap sat emotionless. Understandable. A lot was expected out of him not just by BB but by his fans as well. He tried his best and every time he lost, he lost for a better play if not better player. He will come back and has to. 

So, with the result of the Men's singles match itself, HH entered the semi finals topping the table. They will be back to play the semi finals tomorrow in front of the home crowd once again. Not just crowd's support, it seems they have a lot of other sources support as well. Anyway, all that helps you winning the matches is your display of play. 

All the best to all four teams to enter to the top two contest; AW, PP, HH and MM. Three more ties to go and we will have the winner's name inscribed onto the beautiful trophy. Wait for that day is on anyway. Before that, waiting to enjoy the two ties. 

Finally, I've reached a conclusion on whom to support for the title. Yes, its for AW and HH to be the final two. Let's see how it happens in next two days! 

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