Aug 31, 2013

I write for IBL #8 - It's Hotshots, the champions of inaugural IBL

To me, badminton used to be a different sport from that of cricket/tennis etc. The come backs and fight backs although used to be there but the number of such instances used to be less compared to the other sports named in the beginning. Today's IBL final has changed this opinion of mine to some extent, especially the last match which was won by Ajay fighting back from no where! Of course, another opinion of mine got stronger. And that's about what pressure at high level sport can do for you. Sai Dutt was pulling it away almost. The moment his opponent fought back, he lost his way, it seemed. Anyway, that's sport and sportsmen and sportswomen have to go through this. Meanwhile, I think even the audience have to go through at times!

Saina again thrashed Sindhu's game, who once again played invariably low standard game today, if I may say so! Well, long way to go for both the players. All the very best for the seasons to come. Markis Kido and Boe have hardly made a step wrong in the whole IBL and in the final, it was the Malaysian duo caught them on their wrong foots on crucial points. I must confess, I was so disappointed to see the AW pair struggling. Again, pressure ended the match on HH's side. I must say, well played Sreekanth. Markis Kido will continue to be one of my favorite players. Champions lose too! That's sport. 

Congratulations to Hyderabad Hotshots! Well played and much deserving win for the final day's play especially! 

Before I end this post, I'd like to do a special mention about the Hot Shots' iconic player, Saina Nehwal. She is the lady behind India's success streak in badminton in the recent years. Being an iconic player, having been playing amidst the crowd all supporting her, playing against the strong opponents, she has done a fantastic and inspiring job by winning all the seven matches of the tournament to be the only player unbeaten so far in IBL having played in all the ties of a team. All credit goes to her strong will and fighting spirit. Well done Saina, we all love you! Keep up the spirit. 

PS: Just one more post to go to end it for this season. I've been enjoying writing about the game which is the new pie of India's crush list! 

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