Aug 10, 2013

Ray of hope @ Indian Badminton

It has been almost a year since my last writing on badminton, my another favorite sport after Cricket and Tennis. An year passed by after the first ever Indian badminton player stood proudly on the Olympic podium. There is every reason to recollect those wonderful moments and as well to celebrate. Adding to that, the recent historic wins recorded by the Indian players, Kashyap and Sindhu, have reasoned it out beautifully why the Indian game watchers have to look for more tournaments to held across the globe. 

Before moving on, I congratulate Kashyap and Sindhu for their inspiring victories over the players ranked well ahead to them. 

Saina Nehwal is undoubtedly the one player who has made the world look at the Indian badminton. The duo, Gopi Chand and Saina have assured India of a great future of the sport. Her medal from the Olympics has already inspired many young lads to hold the racket. The recent victories of Indian players have made sure that there is a lot than Saina-Gopi Chand, Jwala-Ashwini-Diju, and that there are other players too, that there are Sindhu and Kashyap too. 

Back in 2001 when I met Pullela Gopi Chand during a felicitation ceremony held at our school grounds with regards to his All England Championship win, I never expected he would bring so many more victories home. He could not be more successful on world stage later to his 2001 All England's win but he has been successful than any other Indian player in giving back to the game. Having been the youngest ever chief badminton coach for India, the way he has been bringing up the young players is inspiring and mind blowing. His academy is the champion making factory so far for the Indian Badminton without a second argument. His dedication and consistency are the back bones for India's success in the recent times. 

Having said that about the coach, I have no intentions in downsizing the efforts of the players who have recorded stunning victories in the recent past. Coach can add certain technical tips, form disciplinary rules, and plan punishing workouts etc. But at the end of the day, it's players who have to adopt themselves to all those that their coach put on them. Players have to at times surrender themselves to their coaches without saying a word back. This needs not just the interest of the coach but a tremendous will power and respect from the players. Be it Saina Nehwal, Kashyap or Sindhu, or for that matter any other successful player to shine in future, it would take hell lot of self control and surrendering nature to the game. 

Hats off to all these guys and girls for letting the world notice them in their earlier ages of career. What matters henceforth is the consistency in game plans, wins and focus towards the game. I wish them all the very best for their successful careers. Media and brands must also support them by highlighting them to the point. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately, we do not often see such support from either media or sponsors, i.e. just to the point. But there is scope of improvement every where and a ray of hope. Let's see how it moves on. 

Once again, wishing Sindhu, the new teenage sensation from India, congratulations for being assured of a medal at the world championships and all the best for the upcoming match. 

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Lovely post and it's great to read your thoughts on the badminton players. Sadly, in this country, we are not appreciating them enough or giving them the encouragement they deserve. Good to read some one like you blogging about them in appreciation.