Sep 14, 2013

Existence of anyone!

Existence of anyone is evident with the work he or she does. The moment one starts trying to prove his or her existence, it means either the work being done is not evident enough or it's a deep wish to bring the work into limelight more than deserving. 

The possibility of helplessness cannot be ruled out when someone decides to prove his or her existence. But there are royal ways to bring one's own work into limelight. And the first and foremost prerequisite is to be strong enough to be able to face the unfair for a certain duration. Hard work pays. Talent helps. Experience flourishes. Positive mindedness makes you breath easy. Consistency helps you getting rated the best just when required. 

Believing that the bad time will be over is important. But understanding the current situation and estimating the time-to-come is as well important to decide to take the path which leads to success. After all, building one's own life is his or her responsibility. Blaming someone else does not help at all, not just because people are different in nature but also because people have different priorities naturally. One cannot expect to get treated well always. One has to find ways, royal and inspiring ways of course, to succeed, to come out of the odds, to make his or her existence evident enough. 

Different colours exist. Each colour gets the importance it deserves. The only difference here is the colour itself cannot try to become important. It depends on the people who like it. But being humans, we have chance to try our best to succeed. Not everything depends on other people. It's you who can change the way things move.  History speaks the same. Take the names from history you want and be inspired. 

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KParthasarathi said...

Agree with what you say.But still there are flowers wasting their fragrance in desert air unseen and unloved.To be at the right pllace,at the right time amongst right people is God's grace or one's karma whatever you believe in.But that is no excuse not to put in one's best.