Sep 11, 2013

Post No: 900 - Blog, one of the closest things to my heart!!!

Firstly, my sincere condolences to all the victims of the attacks of September 11' 2001. Along with the ones from the incidents happened in America, victims include the ones from Afghanistan from the post 11/7 incidents.
Milestones keep people motivated just like the way records keep sportsmen inspired. When you are on the verge of achieving something, it's unbelievable if one says that he or she is not thinking about it! The only other greater possibility if someone says so is that they may be lying. Well, that's up to one's conscience how he or she wants to project himself or herself to the crowd. 

Leaving it there, let me move forward with this post, the 900th one that I do in this blog and about which I've been definitely thinking since past few days. I feel every pleasure in admitting to the same. 

It really feels so long that I did the last post with two zeros in it's number. Considering my writing pattern, it is long as well.  It's even more eventful this year, so far, compared to what I did say in the last post of 2012. A lot of things have been keeping me occupied. Nevertheless, I feel proud of myself for actively updating this space, which is one of the closest things to my heart, although I did not do any marathon posts throughout the year except in the past month. Thanks to IBL for all the fun it gave me while writing the posts during the last month. 

Few things I'd like to mention about my blog on this occasion: 

Ever since I started writing this blog, I have been finding a new me every time I post something here. Every post enables me to tell something to myself apart from expressing it to the world. Most of the take homes  I mentioned here exactly represent the series of incidents happened either on the same day or just few days before. During some of the lighter moments, when some of my friends asked me back about certain points I write here, I just walk past somehow by saying something round and round! Good friends, they don't pull me back to the topic! After reading this, if anyone of you would like do it in future, I'm sure I'm going to find a way out! Kidding, easy. 

The love I express here lets me fall in love again and again. The movie or book reviews that I write here make me feel proud of my observation power and sensitive nature, at certain instances, for being able to capture the finest of the fine moments and emotions. And what can I say about my posts on sports! Sport brings out the best emotions of mine. They have always made me a confident writer. I love writing about sports and players. 

Well, that's all for now in this 900th post. I hope to write the 1000th one very soon and definitely before the end of this year. Wish me all the best!!!

I've a special mention to be made here. It's about my all time favorite tennis player, the newly crowned United States Open Champion, Rafael Nadal. Hats off to him not just for the way he has played this season but also for passing through all the odds and coming out stronger than ever. A lot to learn and hence to execute as well. Will power is the best power human possesses. That makes the history and repeats it too. I'll write in detail about this in the posts to come later. 

I'm signing off for now. Thanks to you for being here and reading this. Readers inspire the writers the most.

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KParthasarathi said...

Hearty congratulations on reaching this milestone.900 is no mean number.You have been tenacious andpost almost daily.Yet its frequency does not stale the richness of your observations.They always carry a message.I did not follow your IBL marathon but otherwise I am a regular follower of your blog for years.
Yes Nadal deserved his win richly and Djokovic was no match to him this time.Serena too was superb