Oct 21, 2013

After a long time, posting from home!

It's been more than couple of years since I posed from home! Of course, it feels great to be able to do so this time. My visits to home are comparatively less! Not more than twice a year. Every time I'm home I prefer to spend time with family and friends and definitely not with Internet. But this time, as it's a long holiday and due to the changed priorities at work and personal life, I'm using my Photon connection for the first time in holidays. Well, the new laptop ensures at least ten hours battery back up and for me it really does not matter if the power cut is on! 

I thought I will have time to catch up with some of my fellow bloggers' spaces as I'm on holidays. And I'm on holidays and that's exactly why I'm very busy with laziness. It's been almost a week at home and my first post comes today. That's evident enough of my activity at home! Another dimension to my laziness. 

Having mom around makes you feel so carefree that you do not bother much about here and there happenings in the kitchen, especially in the mornings. I'm not a late-waker but I do not touch a single work myself unless mom says. Whereas in Pune, I jump into kitchen from bed. Well, I do not think it's any different from a typical style. 

Mom and Dad take good care of the garden at home. It's all greenery around. Since it's been raining this season in Andhra, the plants appear as if they are taking care of themselves. Not too many flowers although, plants are green enough to be beautiful. 

That's all for now. So many topics to catch upon. I'll pen down soon. Take care. Good day.

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KParthasarathi said...

Happy that you are at home,sweet home with your parents,relatives and friends.There is nothing more enjoyable to be relaxed and bask in the affection of parents and savour spicy Andhra food.
Keep me informed of any good tidings in your official and personal life.
You can write daily and visit the long forgotten blog of mine.
Have nice holidays