Oct 23, 2013

Bring home work, not office!

Having been part of corporate culture for five years now, I think I can guess it right. Often, work follows most of us home. If having no laptop is a curse at work, having laptop may cost your time with dear ones, family. Off the record, not having a laptop can be a blessing in disguise at times. At the same time, you have to be prepared to lose a certain edge over others that otherwise you can effortlessly have when it comes to work. Although it does not matter much if you bring home work from office, what that probably matters is when you bring your office itself to home. I mean, the pressures, the words of colleagues or rather that of boss most of the times, the deadline alarms etc. Working for an hour or two in excess does not cost you much. At times, that again gives you the extra edge you deserve. But thinking about office for an extra hour is sufficient enough to ruin a date with your spouse. Or may be to thrash the moods of your kids or other family members. 

Easier said than done and that's exactly why it makes sense to put an extra ounce of effort in making it as a habit to leave back office where it is supposed to be after the day at work. Such a skill cannot be owned in a day or two. It takes years in some cases to be able to overcome the unnecessary stress taking mentality. Fortunately, stress taking is one's own trait and not a rule, like you have to swipe your card every day. Traits can be managed and not rules. And certain rules can never be changed, they can only be broken.

One who comments your work cannot complement your spouse for a good job he or she has done at home or towards improving your personal relationship. Your manager has absolutely no idea what your kids expect from you in bedtime stories. You need to acknowledge your spouse and you need to be there for your kids at bedtime. Not being able to do or be so can make you regret at some or the other moment in life. Hence it'd be great to be in the role that you are supposed to be as the day progresses. As an employee in the office, as a daughter/son at time, as a father/mother to your kids. Mixing up too  many roles or misplaying the roles is a bad idea, very bad one indeed. 

Issues will  settle down. If not today, tomorrow. As long as you believe in your capability, you stay relaxed. Or if unfortunately you are not a believer of your own power or if you need guidance in solving certain problems, better be open and honest in surfacing out the problems before people. Most of the times, they appreciate it by trying to reach you out to provide suggestions. This in no way brings you down, as a matter of fact, every one has to go through that phase some or the other day. No one is perfect and cannot be too! This can drastically bring down the stress levels you have to face otherwise. Sharing lighter moments with team-mates or cubicle mates can also prove to be a great stress busters. In my case, this is one of the powerful arrows I release against stress. Be open to listen to the suggestions given by others.

At the time of decision making, be yourself and be responsible for your decisions be it results in any. Good or bad. Successful or unsuccessful. profitable or loss. Owning up the responsibility makes a better sense than pointing out finger to the one who suggested you to do so. After all, it was your decision and you could have decided something else as well and you did not. At the time of failure it hurts obviously. But that experience gives you extra edge again when you face a different problem next time. And that time, you may be out of too much stress as you have the past experience. 

All the above are only few of the ways to reduce stress, unnecessary one. You know yourself better and you can chart out the stress release ways better for yourself. Which suit your mentality and attitude. Better go by that and not by what others have to say and for that matter the above said as well. 

Bring home work, and not office. Have a happy life with a happy life style. 

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