Oct 22, 2013

Marriage, a beautiful bond indeed!

A beautiful bond to live for;
A commitment for life time.

Living life king size is the best wish a person can make. While we forget that we are in reality and keep ourselves busy in charting out our wishes, a few, in fact a lot things happen for and against us. When it comes to an individual's life, it's somehow predictable as we are more or less aware of what's going on. Whereas when it's about two souls living together, helping each other's dreams, respecting each other's views irrespective of liking or hating, it's deeply unpredictable what would be the next. How each word that you say can turn into. How easily you can mess it up. It's even more challenging to manage through the odds, which are not so uncommon. 

That's what makes sense to live through the days and find out happiness not just for you two, but for two families. 

Marriage, a beautiful bond indeed.

Here sending my wishes to my sweet sister and a fellow blogger Yamini and her husband. A happy marriage anniversary. May you guys make it to the perfect!

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KParthasarathi said...

Best wishes for Yamini and her hubby
Many happy returns of the day.
Please convey her my greetings.