Oct 2, 2013

Words do carry value, not language.

Words do carry value, not language.

Communication is all about conveying your thoughts to the other person through an easily understandable means. It need not necessarily be the fashion and style of your language. That comes last in the list. All it keeps your face value in a better position in other person's mind is rather your way of expression and not your way of pronunciation or accent. The later two can be noticed for the first time, or for few times, but what matters is the matter in what you say. The meaning and the usefulness of the same to the other person is so important that nothing can beat this in communication race. 

Along with making kids speak one specific language in schools, they shall also be taught of expressions, emotions and adding meaningfulness to what they speak. Not just the grammar, their thoughts behind what they speak shall also be noticed, highlighted before crowd in case of good and corrected one to one in case of certain negative shade exist in what they say. 

Education does not mean language. It shall mean the value that the words of an educated person carry. 

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