Nov 28, 2013

The biggest motivation... Take Home #275

The biggest and the best motivation to do any job is to know what you are doing and what for. 

Convenience and correctness... Take Home #274

No doubt, people always like to hear what is convenient for them. And that's fair enough. It's up to an individual to keep up the responsibility of standing up for what he believes as correct and convey it in right way. Convenience is addictive. Correctness is productive. 

Nov 25, 2013

Missing you Viru! and All The Best...

Not sure why, but it's Virender Sehwag who has been coming to my mind these days again and again. Ever since I saw Sachin's farewell I started thinking about this yet another Indian batting maestro's. 

Although I like his attacking play, I've never been a big fan of him personally. Rather, I've at times disliked his motto of hitting the ball without looking at anything else, including the team's position. But everytime he made a triple figured score within double figured number of balls, he was my favourite for that day. On the day he made the double century in the world cup, I was little unhappy somewhere in the corner of my mind that Sachin's record was broken! Full credit to him for that day's assassination. It was a mixture of talent, aggression, wish to prove oneself and ruthlessness.

His both triple centuries from tests are still the only two triple hundreds made by Indian cricketers in the history of the game. The first one made in Multan is my all time favourite innings. I remember the next day's headlines in The Times of India, Sultan of Multan

And now it feels as if it's been ages since I've seen him batting for India. He not just lost the form but as well the touch. In fact, he was not the one who were to be judged by form. You never know when the storm attacks. He always has that. And no one knows when he start behaving himself in the middle. But once he starts, only he can stop himself. But now, it's different. These days and the recent Ramji matches have not been fortunate enough to get good records of Sehwag. His below average batting average and strike rate are standing against him to join the Indian squad. I strongly believe, not just that but some other forces in the team are also working against him joining the side again. Well, that's not evident but I simply sense that, right or wrong no one knows except those!

It seems, only he can pull himself out of all this. One good innings can get him everything back. It can even get him back to the Indian dressing room, especially for the tour of South Africa, where you need experienced players. At this present situation of not having around the one last experienced figure, Sachin Tendulkar, it's most important the a player like Sehwag be there. I just hope some magic or miracle whatever happens and gets him back to the spotlight. He too deserves a well organized farewell and if not for anything else, at least for his farewell which according to me is around the corner, he must come back to the team.

All the best Sehwag! One more little wish to be mentioned before concluding the post. I'd like to watch Sehwag and Dhawan opening it in tests for India. These two can script the world's best ever assassination, like never before and never again. Let's see what's in store!

After a setback... Take Home #273

Talent does not hide for too long. But for it to blossom once again after a setback, one must put his every effort, probably the best ever effort possible. 

Nov 24, 2013

Book: Usain Bolt - Faster Than Lightning

Author: Usain Bolt

'I was put on this earth to run' is how Usain starts saying about himself in his autobiography. Out of all the autobiographies I've read so far, if there is one book that has made me feel the craziness of the writer so passionately, it is the one from the Jamaican sprinter. The legend, as he likes himself to be called and actually is, has put in his life moments very admirably and interestingly. The game he belongs to is all about fractions of seconds. A second means a lot and hundredth of a second can differentiate where an athlete stands on the podium. The way he expresses about his practice sessions to improve his timing by less than half a second, gets through the readers' imagination of the possible pain and fatigue. Of course, it's up to the readers' interest in the game that will not let them leave the book until the last page is turned. 

When I heard someone saying that the 100 m race is about the athlete's mental strength, I never cared to believe. I used to think it was more to do with the athlete's physical strength, speedy start and long steps. Now I know that the mental strength is as equally important as like any thing mentioned before. The belief that 'you can win' can create the extra energy needed to put forward the foot quickly than anyone else. He writes, my start is not one of the greatest. Well, to win a race, one has to finish it first. Quick start can go in vain, which has actually gone in vain in the cases of his opponents every time he has won a race. He says he speeds up in the middle of the race which is evident as well. I finally got my answer why he often looks back on his way to the finishing line! It's his way of ensuring his victory. As simple as that.

When in younger age every competition appears the same and you have only one job, to win. But all of a sudden when you grow up, not just in terms of age but also in terms of experience and winning records, it starts getting to you. The expectations start pinching you at the starting line. The chantings around the stadium forces you to want to win at any cost. Sometimes, it costs you your own performance, unfortunately. This is all happend to Bolt when he won dozens of titles at the junior level and later when he participated in important races for his country towards the end of his teenage. He succembed to the pressure too but the best part is he could come out of it, all this way to be the Olympic gold medalist back to back times in the sheerly competitive sport of these days. 

His father, 'Pops' as he calls, has a major impact on the way he respects everyone in his personal life. I was quite astonished to know that his father used to force him to wish everyone he meets on his way to school. Although he claims he till date does respect everyone, his passionate way of celebrating victory, his trademark feet of showing hands and fingering to the crowd, has never allowed me to recognize it so far. May be, he is really so in his personal life. 

Since my childhood, the one track and field event that amazes me everytime is the 'relay'. I remember how our coach used to train our school team and warn them on how carefully one has to exchange the batten. Same is the way it happens at the international level as well, and this is what I learnt from the book. The fear is the same, and that is about the exchange of the batten. If you drop it, you do not just lose the race but you actually put down the efforts of your teammates as well. When it is about representing your country in the Olympic final, what all matters for any great or fast runner is to mind your hand to pick the batten correctly. The Jamaican team has won the 2012 Olympics with a world record. I have seen the video many number of times and now I'm also aware what was going through behind the scenes, at the back of the players' minds during that memorable feet. All I can say is it's not easy and it feels great at the end. 

Bolt has tried his best to make sure he does not spell it wrongly while writing about his rivals. He showered all the respect possible on Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake etc. Justin Gatlin has to undergo the criticism in some pages, but all in all it is ok throughout the book. I hope he has the same respect in reality towards his contemporaries. 

A short read it was but a long post this is. Usain Bolt's autobiography is worth reading if you want to feel the passion someone, rather a whole country, has for the track and field events. Yes, one more thing which I cannot forget to mention, if you want to know why bolt has chosen the 100 m race to the 400 m, which has brought him near to millions of hearts across the globe, read the book. Also, if you want to know what's and how his relationship is with his long time coach, read the book. Read it and feel the passion of the world's quickest athlete towards the game he is known for!

Usain, all the very best for the future races. I hope to see you doing it again at the Rio Olympics, 2016. A hattrick worth waiting for! 

Success will be yours, one or the other day!

To be able to be hopeful about success,
In the deeply shattered valley of sorrow,
To be able to believe in yourself,
Amidst the disbelief in the surrounding,
To be able to continue the guessing game,
When all the guesses are going wrong,
To be able to lead the life as usual,
As if the abnormalities are just normal,
Is a real bliss and a champion's trait.
Make sure you realize what is in you,
What you can do, what you can achieve,
Success will be yours, one or the other day.

Better to prevent... Take Home #272

Anything getting to head is dangerous. And when it is success or fame, it's pretty difficult to get rid off. Better to prevent than to run around for a cure.  The worst part is, sometimes you even do no know that you need a cure. That strong it gets to head if it gets. Be careful and keep introspecting. 

Nov 23, 2013

Peace of mind... Take Home #271

Passing on the responsibilities to the right person at right time is very important. If not happiness always, peace of mind is assured every time we do so. 

Movie: Krrish 3 - The Indian Superhero With The Indian Emotions!

Some movies stand tall to bring the directors' thoughts close to the crowd rather than bringing the hero, graphics, action etc.  Here in this particular movie, the thought of 'Krrish' has come very close to the audience, especially to the little ones. I watched this movie along with theatre full of audience among whom the kids were more than half, higher than ever. The so named 'Indian Super Hero' has done it once again, and this time more in terms of money than craziness. He was successful, or I must say more than successful, in his last attempt 'Krrish'. 

The newbie of Rakesh Roshan has every graphic in it, which reaches out to the audience to their amusement. For those who watch the other superhero films, their own expectations stand against them on the way to appreciate this movie. But for those, who wishfully watch this movie to find out the Indian-natured superhero, it turns out to be good if not perfect. The one shot that I will remember for my life is the flight shot with Krrish standing at the front tire of it. A potentially crazy one, and ambitious too. 

The superhero, an Indian by birth, has all the emotions of any typical Indian. Family comes first, helping comes first too. Reddened eyes reflect the love. Excitement about his would-be baby shows the ultimate happiness. Dad is every kid's hero, and for this superhero, his dad is already a brainy-superhero. A super match. Vivek Oberoi fitted well in the 'Kaal' character and of course in the well designed wheelchair which is also a brilliant choice by the director. I loved the beginning and ending of the movie although I did not completely understand the science behind all that was shown. That matters less, anyway.

Coming to the other side of my thoughts about this movie, the story could have been in more depth. It should not have been just about an unborn baby or a person who was born purely out of experiments. The 'Ma' or 'Daadi' are the words unused, who were potentially characterized in the earlier two parts of the movie. Kangana has done justice to her role but I think the role itself could have been revamped by inserting more interesting emotions into it. It was more like a barbie girl with don-like killer expressions, which according to me did not suit well. Personally, I hated the idea of using 'tongue' for fights. I had to close my eyes almost every time it came out. Even now I feel the irritation all throughout my nerves!

Moving on, it's been a good experience in the theater. This is the kind of a movie which has to be watched on the big screen. May be that's the reason why it has made all those records in money-making. Well tried. I hope more Indian superhero films rock the audience in future. Certainly, Krrish is an inspiration for all such. 

You may try...!

In any relationship, the more you know each other, the better you get connected to each other. The best way to each other's heart is to know about each other's childhood, those days, those memories, the things they liked, the days they struggled, the games they played and hence the after-math happened at home etc. Once you know each other's pure thoughts of those younger years, it's easy to make them feel happy at number of occasions. It varies from person to person what they prefer of all those memories from earlier days. That's what is up to their partner to find out and hence to act. I believe this is certainly a way to strengthen the bond as well as to keep it going for long. 

You may try!

Nov 17, 2013

The Farewell, Well Deserved ** For You Sachin #3 **

The last day of the career which ran for twenty four years could not get better than yesterday. It would have appeared the same for everyone who watched Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell day after the end of his two hundredth test match. The great man did bid farewell to the game amidst his family, friends, team, and of course his long time fans. His speech in full length of emotions was the highlight of the day and probably one of the highlights of his admirable career. Good that he could maintain that composure and fully utilized the once in a life time chance to express himself and thank all the deserved!

Enough is written, shown and said about Sachin and his career milestones. I‘d here mention about my mind’s journey with this great man’s personality.

Sachin Tendulkar: The name that is very famous and perhaps the mostly repeated in the record books of cricket. Ask his fans to know the rest. A famous public figure here in India and always has been a brand ambassador of Indian sports. Be it any game or sport, more than ninety percent of the players agree to fact that he is an inspiration, a legend, a trend setter.  Less like a celebrity and more like a person next door, Sachin, although has spoken emotions very less number of times to the crowd, has been successful in winning millions and millions of hearts. People do every possible thing for him, to see him, to watch his innings and so on. It might appear as endless madness, but even if it is true, there is some magic in this madness. Being able to enjoy his gesture is a bliss, a real bliss it feels.

Writing about him has been special to me. There have been numerous occasions on when I’ve written about him and cricket here in this blog. As I’ve always said, sports bring out the best writer in me, as per me. Every time I wrote about cricket, I got connected to the game and the players a bit more. Among the many players about whom I have written here, Sachin has been special and will remain to be so. When I started knowing him or liking him, I was just into the first year of my teenage. Probably that’s one of the main reasons why I used to go crazy about him. Later it turned out to be liking, which felt very pure from inside. And even today it does appear the same. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to enjoy it all these years and even today. It feels as if I’m happy for some portion of me. As if I’ve achieved something too!

I must confess. It was not the same good boat throughout. There were plenty of occasions when I got angry on him and used bad words. That was out of sheer disappointment which fortunately never lasted for more than a minute every time. The sportive spirit and the connectivity to the sports men I’ve developed over the years have always come into the show and bring me back to the normally thinking position. I must apologise to him for all such minutes! May be, he deserved some of them for the way he played but never for the intention with which he played. Sorry Sachin.

Thank you is not enough for all that he has been doing. It’s not that every day you get to see players like him getting retired. On this occasion, a heartfelt thank you makes great sense. But I’m worried what all I shall mention why I’m thankful to him. Thank you Sachin, for the happiness, for the memories, for the inspiration, and for the way you have carried yourself. Learnt a lot from you!

I’m one of those who believe that records are meant to be broken. Also, I’m one of those selfish persons, who want to see another Indian rewriting the record of this great man. Well, country name would not matter much although the selfishness might get hurt some way, if there comes a player who surpasses this batting maestro, it would be another great era to be part of. Tendulkar’s era is gone beautifully.

One wish I’ve, in fact I’ve been having, is to read a biography or an autobiography of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, a frankly written one well like the one on Steve Jobs; as bigger as that and as frankly written as that. Sachin must show interest in writing and publishing this. He must write it for his family, friends, fans and of course for the generations to come. For the family to know how were his unexpressed emotions like. For friends to convey the beauty of friendship. For the fans to tell them how it like hearing Sachinnn..Sachin while coming to bat in a big match. And for the next generations to make them believe that there lived a man called Sachin Tendulkar and so that they will be sure of his existence and he was not really that 'god', he was a pure human.

This is it for now ** For You Sachin**. I’m sure I will keep getting opportunities to write about him. For him and against him; in any case I will enjoy writing about him.

Good bye Sachin and Thank You!

The Ultimate... Take Home #270

Enjoying someone's success feels good, and being able to do so is a bliss. Getting inspired from all that and to use the inspiration at right place to learn and grow in your own field is the ultimate. 

Nov 16, 2013

Grab each one... Take Home #269

It is so important to keep aside the tears of joy and say how thankful you are to the people who have been there for you, with you throughout your journey towards success. Not too many chances come your way to do so. Grab each one.

Thanks to Sachin for delivering that wonderfully emotional speech. That's probably one of the best ones I've heard in the recent times. I loved the emotions and expressions of him, especially the typical Indian natured ones.

Better keep trying... Take Home #268

Giving it up shows that you are lack in confidence not just in yourself but also in miracles. You never know. Better keep trying until the last chance.

Nov 15, 2013

The last innings is played. History is made! - ** For You Sachin #2 **

In the so named 'Sachin's Farewell Test', India is on the verge of huge  victory on the home soil against the visiting Windies side. The decent 74 made by the man of the moment, Sachin Tendulkar, will be recorded and remembered as the last innings of his twenty four years of cricketing career. As the Wankhede gave the standing ovation, the little master left the field for one last time after getting out. The fact that Sachin will not be seen with the bat again in the professional cricket has made many eyes wet, including mine needless to mention. That much used to we have all become to this man.

Even since I've known cricket I've known him. I watched some matches for him, only for him. And the millions of fellow fans have always been there to give company, who have also watched the match for him. there would not have been any best occasion to retire than his two hundredth test. I along with many have been believing that the decision of his retirement shall entirely be left to him. I feel really proud about his this decision which has come just in right time.

Henceforth, you can never hear, "Is Sachin there at crease?". You never have to answer "What's Sachin's score?". You will never get a chance to do the very famous feat, switching off the TV or changing the channel after Sachin gets out. No waiting for the second wicket to go down in a test. No need to rush to the TV for the first ball when India bat in a ODI. For person who is not aware of cricket or Sachin, reading the above lines would mean knowing something. And for his hardcore fans, like me, the above lines have been the part of life and fully emotion-bundled. Now it's going to take time to get used to a different routine or may be need not at all for the rest of the life. He is one in a generation. So as our worship for him. That cannot be spared another time for anyone. It's once for all. And now it's done. 

His determination to perform well and the honesty towards his team and country have been inspiring me since years. They will continue to do so. His memories are going to remain, as best and closest. 

He has had his ups and depths in his career. Of course they are part of the game. His composure and willingness to perform again are incredible. Everytime he gets duck out the heart sinks. And on a century, it sings. Well, a lot to learn from this great man from India. 

Thanks to the Sachin Mania. Because of which certain incidents from past could be learnt. How unfair life is with some great people at times! I've learnt lately that Don Bradman was duck out in his last innings which made him leave the ground in tears. Since when I've read that, I'm unable to digest it fully. For such a great player, life should have been little more fairer than it was. Well, as we always say, that's life. And you have to accept the things and move forward. Since when I read the above, I was worried if history repeats itself. Fortunately no. Sachin got a pretty decent and purposeful 74. That's perfectly alright.

A day to go, most probably, for the legendary man's career to end. I'd love to watch the proceedings live. I think I will have to manage it out tomorrow somehow. Let me see!

It's been Sachin, Sachin and Sachin that is going on since last couple of days. It feels really good and not at all hectic. I think there is no fatigue in thinking or writing about him. But I must stop this post here for now. A day to go; hope it will be memorable for Sachin, who deserves it the best that it could be.

Nov 14, 2013

"In victory, learn where to stop" - ** For You Sachin #1 **

In one of the recent books I've read, it is written - " In victory, learn where to stop". Although I was aware by the time I read the book that Sachin had announced his retirement, I could not imagine his picture while I was reading through the content related to the above line. But today as I sat to write about him, the first thing that did strike to my mind was the same line "In victory, learn where to stop". Having been the player a nation prayed for and the world loved for all these years, Sachin Tendulkar has stepped into his final moments of being a cricketer on the field. He is stopping it, as per me, at the best time!

Over 400 ODIs, the first ever double hundred in ODI cricket, 100 centuries in career, 200 test matches played, world cup victory, IPL championship, Champions' league win and numerous other innings and few memorable spells, this is how Sachin's kitty is filled with joy and memories. Of all these years of play, he as a player and as a cricketer, has turned out to be the game's true figure. The nation's true hero. One of the world's true sportsmen. 

Sachin's last test was being watched. And it was doubtful if we were watching the last test of Sachin or of India or of cricket itself. Huge excitement. Anything-can-be-done kind of nature to reach out to the live screens. Four runs got cheered as if it was his half-century. Every single run got applauds, standing applause for most of the cases.  It was more than fun watching the live show. More than anything, it was more than inspiring. The way the little master was constructing the innings was superb. Goose-bumps passed all throughout. I think that experience is only one of it's kind that I'd ever got or I might never get in future. The one only by the one and only Sachin Tendulkar. 

Having your family around, and that too for the first time in the career of 24 years, itself is a big creator of pressure. Your name gets chanted for so long and in such a high voice, you calmly get prepared to bat. You bat as if you are not aware why all that around you happening is happening. You wait for your partner at the end of the day, for him to come down and join you on the other end of the pitch. It's simply not that every you and me can do. It's not that blessing as it appears. It's the best test you have undergone. And Sachin, you are the only one who has handled it not just aptly but also inspiringly as well. Hats off to you and of course, Thank You. 

Please go on to make more runs tomorrow and along with that create a record. A record, that cannot probably be broken in immediate years. 

Win the run... Take Home #267

In any life's run, the most habituated we are to the relaxation, the near we are to the losing streak to come. Do not get relaxed more than needed. Win the run. 

Things settle down... Take Home #266

Things settle down, maybe a day or two late, but they do. In tough times, whereas the actual problem causes some amount of trauma, the rest of the trouble, which probably is the largest part, is caused by our thinking about the so called 'what-people-think' and by the attitude of unacceptance of the problem 'as the problem that we do not deserve'. 

Even though the things settle down someday, unless we learn how to handle the problems and hence gain the confidence, things are not actually settled.

Nov 10, 2013

Back from vacation, back to work!

The joyous vacation has come to an end. A long vacation this time has charged me up, fully. As expected and as like every time, leaving home proved no fun. Vacation is always good except the last day! Although the last day pours immense amount of love on you, the same love makes it tough for you to accept that you are actually going to leave soon. Even after experiencing the so called 'Last Day's' feelings many a number of times so far, I'm yet to learn how to handle it. Of course, certain amount of emotions have come under control, it's long way to go. Someone said, practice makes man perfect. And I think, no practice under the sun can make a woman emotionless on the last day of stay after a vacation with her family. 

As I sat in the vehicle to start my return journey, I felt as if I did go no where between the first day of the vacation and the last day. I felt as if nothing happened in between. I got into the vehicle twenty five days back and now I got into it again, where twenty five days flashed away from memory all of a sudden. As the train approached the destination while I was going home, my heart freshened up and when the train started leaving the same station on my return journey, tears could not be stopped. Thoughts of home could not be managed from they being the every cause of every tear drop. Life has to move on. As the train moved on, I started thinking about those things which I left back when I started for the vacation. The work. The flat. The colleagues and friends in Pune. 

When the more than full mail box welcomes you, it feels great. I'm not sure if everyone feels the same. But I did feel great. It shows your importance. It shows the hard work you put in to get to the position you are in. It made me happy and immediately thoughtful about the plan to clear the mailbox. It took quite a sometime and the Diwali-hit quiet office surroundings allowed me to get updated of the happenings with peace of mind. And then what, back to normalcy! 

The two day weekend has helped me in completing the domestic work. At the same time, it has once again charged me up to be ready for the work to come. Many a topics to write on, including the most happening of these days, Sachin's last few days to wear the Indian cap as a player. But right at the moment, my heart goes for those in Philippines, who have seen a worst hit by the typhoon. Hope every thing gets well soon. I'll write more and signing off for now. See you. Good day.