Nov 10, 2013

Back from vacation, back to work!

The joyous vacation has come to an end. A long vacation this time has charged me up, fully. As expected and as like every time, leaving home proved no fun. Vacation is always good except the last day! Although the last day pours immense amount of love on you, the same love makes it tough for you to accept that you are actually going to leave soon. Even after experiencing the so called 'Last Day's' feelings many a number of times so far, I'm yet to learn how to handle it. Of course, certain amount of emotions have come under control, it's long way to go. Someone said, practice makes man perfect. And I think, no practice under the sun can make a woman emotionless on the last day of stay after a vacation with her family. 

As I sat in the vehicle to start my return journey, I felt as if I did go no where between the first day of the vacation and the last day. I felt as if nothing happened in between. I got into the vehicle twenty five days back and now I got into it again, where twenty five days flashed away from memory all of a sudden. As the train approached the destination while I was going home, my heart freshened up and when the train started leaving the same station on my return journey, tears could not be stopped. Thoughts of home could not be managed from they being the every cause of every tear drop. Life has to move on. As the train moved on, I started thinking about those things which I left back when I started for the vacation. The work. The flat. The colleagues and friends in Pune. 

When the more than full mail box welcomes you, it feels great. I'm not sure if everyone feels the same. But I did feel great. It shows your importance. It shows the hard work you put in to get to the position you are in. It made me happy and immediately thoughtful about the plan to clear the mailbox. It took quite a sometime and the Diwali-hit quiet office surroundings allowed me to get updated of the happenings with peace of mind. And then what, back to normalcy! 

The two day weekend has helped me in completing the domestic work. At the same time, it has once again charged me up to be ready for the work to come. Many a topics to write on, including the most happening of these days, Sachin's last few days to wear the Indian cap as a player. But right at the moment, my heart goes for those in Philippines, who have seen a worst hit by the typhoon. Hope every thing gets well soon. I'll write more and signing off for now. See you. Good day.


KParthasarathi said...

Welcome back.I am looking forward to your posts.

Sunakshi said...

You've been awarded on my blog.See :D

Ellen said...

Hi, Prams!

Thank you for your thoughtful concern for my countrymen hit by the storm Haiyan/Yolanda.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.