Nov 14, 2013

"In victory, learn where to stop" - ** For You Sachin #1 **

In one of the recent books I've read, it is written - " In victory, learn where to stop". Although I was aware by the time I read the book that Sachin had announced his retirement, I could not imagine his picture while I was reading through the content related to the above line. But today as I sat to write about him, the first thing that did strike to my mind was the same line "In victory, learn where to stop". Having been the player a nation prayed for and the world loved for all these years, Sachin Tendulkar has stepped into his final moments of being a cricketer on the field. He is stopping it, as per me, at the best time!

Over 400 ODIs, the first ever double hundred in ODI cricket, 100 centuries in career, 200 test matches played, world cup victory, IPL championship, Champions' league win and numerous other innings and few memorable spells, this is how Sachin's kitty is filled with joy and memories. Of all these years of play, he as a player and as a cricketer, has turned out to be the game's true figure. The nation's true hero. One of the world's true sportsmen. 

Sachin's last test was being watched. And it was doubtful if we were watching the last test of Sachin or of India or of cricket itself. Huge excitement. Anything-can-be-done kind of nature to reach out to the live screens. Four runs got cheered as if it was his half-century. Every single run got applauds, standing applause for most of the cases.  It was more than fun watching the live show. More than anything, it was more than inspiring. The way the little master was constructing the innings was superb. Goose-bumps passed all throughout. I think that experience is only one of it's kind that I'd ever got or I might never get in future. The one only by the one and only Sachin Tendulkar. 

Having your family around, and that too for the first time in the career of 24 years, itself is a big creator of pressure. Your name gets chanted for so long and in such a high voice, you calmly get prepared to bat. You bat as if you are not aware why all that around you happening is happening. You wait for your partner at the end of the day, for him to come down and join you on the other end of the pitch. It's simply not that every you and me can do. It's not that blessing as it appears. It's the best test you have undergone. And Sachin, you are the only one who has handled it not just aptly but also inspiringly as well. Hats off to you and of course, Thank You. 

Please go on to make more runs tomorrow and along with that create a record. A record, that cannot probably be broken in immediate years. 

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