Nov 25, 2013

Missing you Viru! and All The Best...

Not sure why, but it's Virender Sehwag who has been coming to my mind these days again and again. Ever since I saw Sachin's farewell I started thinking about this yet another Indian batting maestro's. 

Although I like his attacking play, I've never been a big fan of him personally. Rather, I've at times disliked his motto of hitting the ball without looking at anything else, including the team's position. But everytime he made a triple figured score within double figured number of balls, he was my favourite for that day. On the day he made the double century in the world cup, I was little unhappy somewhere in the corner of my mind that Sachin's record was broken! Full credit to him for that day's assassination. It was a mixture of talent, aggression, wish to prove oneself and ruthlessness.

His both triple centuries from tests are still the only two triple hundreds made by Indian cricketers in the history of the game. The first one made in Multan is my all time favourite innings. I remember the next day's headlines in The Times of India, Sultan of Multan

And now it feels as if it's been ages since I've seen him batting for India. He not just lost the form but as well the touch. In fact, he was not the one who were to be judged by form. You never know when the storm attacks. He always has that. And no one knows when he start behaving himself in the middle. But once he starts, only he can stop himself. But now, it's different. These days and the recent Ramji matches have not been fortunate enough to get good records of Sehwag. His below average batting average and strike rate are standing against him to join the Indian squad. I strongly believe, not just that but some other forces in the team are also working against him joining the side again. Well, that's not evident but I simply sense that, right or wrong no one knows except those!

It seems, only he can pull himself out of all this. One good innings can get him everything back. It can even get him back to the Indian dressing room, especially for the tour of South Africa, where you need experienced players. At this present situation of not having around the one last experienced figure, Sachin Tendulkar, it's most important the a player like Sehwag be there. I just hope some magic or miracle whatever happens and gets him back to the spotlight. He too deserves a well organized farewell and if not for anything else, at least for his farewell which according to me is around the corner, he must come back to the team.

All the best Sehwag! One more little wish to be mentioned before concluding the post. I'd like to watch Sehwag and Dhawan opening it in tests for India. These two can script the world's best ever assassination, like never before and never again. Let's see what's in store!

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