Nov 23, 2013

Movie: Krrish 3 - The Indian Superhero With The Indian Emotions!

Some movies stand tall to bring the directors' thoughts close to the crowd rather than bringing the hero, graphics, action etc.  Here in this particular movie, the thought of 'Krrish' has come very close to the audience, especially to the little ones. I watched this movie along with theatre full of audience among whom the kids were more than half, higher than ever. The so named 'Indian Super Hero' has done it once again, and this time more in terms of money than craziness. He was successful, or I must say more than successful, in his last attempt 'Krrish'. 

The newbie of Rakesh Roshan has every graphic in it, which reaches out to the audience to their amusement. For those who watch the other superhero films, their own expectations stand against them on the way to appreciate this movie. But for those, who wishfully watch this movie to find out the Indian-natured superhero, it turns out to be good if not perfect. The one shot that I will remember for my life is the flight shot with Krrish standing at the front tire of it. A potentially crazy one, and ambitious too. 

The superhero, an Indian by birth, has all the emotions of any typical Indian. Family comes first, helping comes first too. Reddened eyes reflect the love. Excitement about his would-be baby shows the ultimate happiness. Dad is every kid's hero, and for this superhero, his dad is already a brainy-superhero. A super match. Vivek Oberoi fitted well in the 'Kaal' character and of course in the well designed wheelchair which is also a brilliant choice by the director. I loved the beginning and ending of the movie although I did not completely understand the science behind all that was shown. That matters less, anyway.

Coming to the other side of my thoughts about this movie, the story could have been in more depth. It should not have been just about an unborn baby or a person who was born purely out of experiments. The 'Ma' or 'Daadi' are the words unused, who were potentially characterized in the earlier two parts of the movie. Kangana has done justice to her role but I think the role itself could have been revamped by inserting more interesting emotions into it. It was more like a barbie girl with don-like killer expressions, which according to me did not suit well. Personally, I hated the idea of using 'tongue' for fights. I had to close my eyes almost every time it came out. Even now I feel the irritation all throughout my nerves!

Moving on, it's been a good experience in the theater. This is the kind of a movie which has to be watched on the big screen. May be that's the reason why it has made all those records in money-making. Well tried. I hope more Indian superhero films rock the audience in future. Certainly, Krrish is an inspiration for all such. 

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