Nov 15, 2013

The last innings is played. History is made! - ** For You Sachin #2 **

In the so named 'Sachin's Farewell Test', India is on the verge of huge  victory on the home soil against the visiting Windies side. The decent 74 made by the man of the moment, Sachin Tendulkar, will be recorded and remembered as the last innings of his twenty four years of cricketing career. As the Wankhede gave the standing ovation, the little master left the field for one last time after getting out. The fact that Sachin will not be seen with the bat again in the professional cricket has made many eyes wet, including mine needless to mention. That much used to we have all become to this man.

Even since I've known cricket I've known him. I watched some matches for him, only for him. And the millions of fellow fans have always been there to give company, who have also watched the match for him. there would not have been any best occasion to retire than his two hundredth test. I along with many have been believing that the decision of his retirement shall entirely be left to him. I feel really proud about his this decision which has come just in right time.

Henceforth, you can never hear, "Is Sachin there at crease?". You never have to answer "What's Sachin's score?". You will never get a chance to do the very famous feat, switching off the TV or changing the channel after Sachin gets out. No waiting for the second wicket to go down in a test. No need to rush to the TV for the first ball when India bat in a ODI. For person who is not aware of cricket or Sachin, reading the above lines would mean knowing something. And for his hardcore fans, like me, the above lines have been the part of life and fully emotion-bundled. Now it's going to take time to get used to a different routine or may be need not at all for the rest of the life. He is one in a generation. So as our worship for him. That cannot be spared another time for anyone. It's once for all. And now it's done. 

His determination to perform well and the honesty towards his team and country have been inspiring me since years. They will continue to do so. His memories are going to remain, as best and closest. 

He has had his ups and depths in his career. Of course they are part of the game. His composure and willingness to perform again are incredible. Everytime he gets duck out the heart sinks. And on a century, it sings. Well, a lot to learn from this great man from India. 

Thanks to the Sachin Mania. Because of which certain incidents from past could be learnt. How unfair life is with some great people at times! I've learnt lately that Don Bradman was duck out in his last innings which made him leave the ground in tears. Since when I've read that, I'm unable to digest it fully. For such a great player, life should have been little more fairer than it was. Well, as we always say, that's life. And you have to accept the things and move forward. Since when I read the above, I was worried if history repeats itself. Fortunately no. Sachin got a pretty decent and purposeful 74. That's perfectly alright.

A day to go, most probably, for the legendary man's career to end. I'd love to watch the proceedings live. I think I will have to manage it out tomorrow somehow. Let me see!

It's been Sachin, Sachin and Sachin that is going on since last couple of days. It feels really good and not at all hectic. I think there is no fatigue in thinking or writing about him. But I must stop this post here for now. A day to go; hope it will be memorable for Sachin, who deserves it the best that it could be.

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