Dec 23, 2013

24 hours based analog clock!

Few days back it suddenly came to my mind why no one has ever made a 24 hour based analog clock. All we get to see is a 12 hour based clocks. On the other hand we do have digital clocks that show the time based on the settings, if you wish to see a 12 hour based one it does how and so as the 24 hour based one. When it comes to analog clocks, all most all of the clocks show only 12 hour scale.

It seems some kind of watches in fast track show the 24 hour scale but just as a small widget at the center of the round 12 hour clock. This is good.

Since in most of the countries we do have sun light in the morning and have no natural light during the night. With this we can easily figure out if the time shown in the 12 hour clock is the morning’s or of night’s. But when it comes to some countries like Norway, they have I believe half a year sun light and another half goes as night. For them, I think using the 12 hour based clock is a nightmare. Especially if a person wake up from deep sleep, it must be easier for his friends to tease him about his long sleep and the day proceeded into the other half, which we do try on many occasions in India but fail due to the natural reasons.

I’m not sure if such kind of clock already does exist in the world. Having said that t I suddenly realize that I can actually Google it.

Yes, I’ve done so and such clocks do exist. Wikipedia page says that such clocks are usually used by pilots, scientists and military. It seems during medieval times they were in use. Well, good that they are already there. I will try to buy one for myself if they come in my target price. I will like to use it.

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