Dec 22, 2013

Book: The test of my life

Author: Yuvraj Singh

When Yuvraj Singh launched the book, for me it was like yet another story of a cancer survivor. I was not in any awe to read it. Needless to clarify how offers make women do buy the things. Same happened with me. An attractive offer came up in flipkart and I could not stop myself from choosing the Yuvi's pie. That's how I bought it. But once I bought it, I immediately took off. The read ended on a sunny morning of a Sunday under the morning sun light. 

Until I read the book, Yuvraj Singh as per me was a carefree player, expressive person, and a match winner. I never had a chance to learn more about him. Well, as I read through his story, what caught me in awe was his emotional side. In fact I had tears in my eyes in the very second page of the book. I thought it would be an emotional roller coaster ahead. Proving me right, although not completely, he put his survival story in a touching manner. 

He revealed much of his take on world cup 2011 which India won on the home soil. He mentioned that he was coughing and vomiting throughout his stay in Indian dressing room during the tournament, and he rather mentioned it too many times! I felt so. May be that's all about it. May be that's how he remembers it. But as a reader, I felt a little bored and used to it while turning the pages. What made me still turn the pages was the fact that it was about India's winning streak and of course the yet another fact that I bought the book. 

I said that he was a carefree player as per me. But while getting to know about his carelessness about his health during the world cup time, I as well felt him as a careless person! Well, that might not be entirely correct. You are playing world cup on your home soil. You are part of one of the best sides. You have every chance to lift the cup. Amidst of all that one may be or can be careless. Even I would have done the same too, I think. 

During the world cup Yuvi said that he was playing the tournament for a special person and the person's name would be announced later to the win as Sachin Tendulkar. Why Yuvi chose him was mentioned in the book and in a convincing manner as well. Thank you Sachin. Had you not said that to Yuvi that night, we would never have saw you lift the glittering trophy. 

It was only after watching the 'Bhag Milka Bhag' that I came to know who Yograj Singh, Youraj Singh's father was. And only in the book that I came to know about the split between Yuvi's parents. We know nothing about the personal lives of players and we keep expecting them play good every day. After all they too are humans! Well, Yuvi  has proved enough that he can manage all this. Thanks to his father too, because of whom Yuvi is who he is for Indian cricket. 

Mom plays the best role in every one's life so as Yuvi's mom. Not just in his earlier life but also during his Cancer days she was the one around him every second. He never mentioned about his father while writing about his days in US as a cancer patient. Anyway, that's not at all the point here. Yuvi was lucky to have such friends around him during the tough times and during his post-cancer workout sessions too. 

I read Lance Armstrong's book earlier. After reading about a person who came out healthy out of a stage four testicular cancer, Yuvi's story with almost stage one Cancer was not that catching but well, Cancer is Cancer and you have to fight for the survival. He did it. The major difference between the two books, although they are not comparable, is the emotional touch up Yuvi did considering the Indian audience/readers. He has been respectful to media all throughout the book. He need to, as he has whole life to go hand in hand with them. Yuvi has not mentioned anything about his personal life, I mean about his life with girls. May be, that was not the subject. Or may be, nothing of that sort existed. All you get to know, or rather what I got to know from the book is that he is a good friend and he has good friends in the Indian dressing room. In it and away from it. 

It's good that he chose to write his story. He says it is to bring the belief that one can survive Cancer. His foundation, 'YouWeCan' is doing well as of now. He as a player is doing fine. But needs a lot of efforts to stay on. He being in his early thirties, career may be in it's almost finishing stages. I just hope that he puts his best and pushes it as longer as he can. Wishing him a very good life and career. Ending this post in the hope to see him in the next world cup to be played down under. All the best Yuvi.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Hi Pramoda, I haven't read this book but I was drawn to your review of it. However, as some one who has experienced up close what it feels like, I can assure you that while the symptoms vary from phase to phase, every stage of Cancer brings on an emotional trauma (not to mention the physical pain, discomfort and shock) that is difficult to explain to others who are blessed enough not to have it in their lives. Yuvi's story may pertain only to stage one of Cancer but it is not any less painful, particularly at an emotional level.