Dec 23, 2013

In the times of setbacks...!

I recently heard someone saying in an award function organized by NDTV in Rashtrapathi Bhavan that in the times of setbacks, take safe approach and be open for all opportunities rather than playing it blind and stubborn. I too believe so.

There comes this time in everyone’s life when you do not find anything coming your way. It becomes hard going all the time. Opportunities appear as if they are all around but they just seem like not coming to you or rather you are not going for them enough. At the same time, one cannot conclude it saying that this is it. But yes, one can say that this is how it happens at times. When it happens one must take as many safe approaches as possible rather than staying still, hanging around and playing it blind. One must be open for as many opportunities as possible and must not keep doors shut at any unless otherwise it’s too much to do so. Sixth sense as well can stop supporting you in such times but that’s not the end, one must believe so.

Being open and going for all possible options can definitely get you close to the one you need, you may or may not like it, that’s the other part of it. But doing so can clear a large portion of your way towards getting what you like. In the same awards function, the same gentlemen said that he tried for at least fifty interviews before he got selected for one job. Unfortunately he had to wait for fifteen months in the same job before he could get one he liked and longed for. Similar experiences might be there with many more people, especially with those who hail from middle class or lower middle class families. Well, setbacks do not know the class that we hail from. They can come in our way anytime. All we can do is to play it safe until we get the opportunity we like or may deserve. 


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I am currently going through a series of set backs and there are times when I don't know where to start or how to deal with it, let alone explore all possible options to go forward. But I find a lot of hope and encouragement from my friends who are able to understand what I am going through. Sometimes they open up and share what they have had to tackle, then I feel better that I am not alone, that each of us are going through problems that we can, ultimately, navigate through and with these experiences, we grow too. That's how I see setbacks.

KParthasarathi said...

Setbacks are part of human life and many times they come one after the other.The key to overcome them is to remain undaunted and look for ways to overcome.For some it materializes early and for some it takes unduly long time.The bottom line is not to get defeated but keep exploring.