Dec 26, 2013

Movie: Ram-Leela - The typical Bhansali type!

If Ram-Leela was Sanjay Leela Bhansali's first film, no doubt he would have been known as Ram Leela Bhansali! 

It's been more than three weeks since I saw Ram-Leela. Sonorous it is, till date. For the first fifteen minutes of the movie, for the that matter for another fifteen minutes later to that, I felt it really boring. The Gujarati-Hindi made it even difficult to get involved into the action being shown on the screen. But thanks to the serials I watch in TV, I could get the meaning of the dialogues except that of some words!

Every time I saw Ranveer Singh in his long beard and thick mustache before the release of the movie, I thought what Bhansali must be doing with this naughty wizard. After watching the movie, I realized what Bhansali's magic wand could do. Very much appreciable. I'm not sure how he had chosen Ranveer for that character, but he was very apt. The dialogue delivery of Ranveer suited so accurately to the character and the plot.

Deepika Padukone was as well a brilliant choice. The dimple beauty has done stunningly beautiful job in justifying her role and selection. I think she never got any better chance than Ram-Leela to actually perform. I'm very much impressed with this lady, with her smile and with her admirable capability to show up the romantic emotions on screen. For sure, she is my favorite for 2013. And now it's over to the award functions to get this girl on to the stage!

The costumes were superb. And the sets were spellbinding. What else one can say about SLB's picturization. As colorful and attractive as ever it has been! Undoubtedly, the costumes and the sets have supported Bhansali in bringing the Romeo-Juliet's adaption into the hearts of Indian fans. Well, needless to say that he will be the award getter for 2013, for his amusing work done in Ram-Leela. Hats off!

This post will not be felt completed if I do not mention the awesome item song done by Priyanka Chopra. These item numbers are one of my favorites out of all acts by the Bollywood actresses. Impressive! I've recently come to know that the song is sung by Bhoomi Trivedi, one of the Indian Idol finalists. It feels very good to know that your once favorite participants of a  mega show come out impressive with songs in movies. Way to go. All the best to her for a bright future. 

If you have not yet watched Ram-Leela, go for it. You will experience the romance in it's most beautiful colors. And yes, you will also experience the love although it happens amidst the bullets and blood. Watch it and feel it.

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