Dec 31, 2013

My Indian Favorites @ 2013 # 1 - Arvind Kejriwal

Hailing from an educated family, being an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, leaving the reputed and a well settled job in Indian Revenue Services, what Arvind Kejriwal has been doing for India  all these years has seen the light of the day in the form of the recent Assembly Elections held in Delhi. Although he had been doing his best for the country and its people, the whole attention was all at once grabbed by Mr. Kejriwal through Aam Aadmi Party's inspiring victory in the national capital.

At least I did not expect AAP to win the elections.  I was sure that there would be something different happening this time but never could imagine this big. Had they got those last required seats as well, they would have formed the government straight away by not allowing all the criticism that was bestowed on them otherwise. He has a good team, as it seems at the moment. His cabinet has been announced and they are all educated as expected and anticipated. Amidst the burning issues in the country at the moment, everyone wanted the CHANGE. In the national capital if the AAP succeeds, it would be a great hope for the rest of the country. If not AAP, there will be local alliances to support them. As I write this, Kejriwal has announced the fifty percent tariff cut in the electricity, to keep up their promise to some extent. He has already announced the free water supply, of course with conditions apply. He has also announced one crore compensation for the cop murdered on duty; which is the only second time at least I heard after Mrs. Hemant Karkare was offered lump-some amount after the infamous Mumbai attacks back in 2008. Appreciable, all in all.

Well, it's been just three days the AAP has come to rule. A long way to go! I along with crores of Indians are expecting it to succeed. I wish Mr. Kejriwal, and his team a challenging yet successful years. I also hope that his family will support him the same way they have been doing all these years. All the best to him and Delhiites

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KParthasarathi said...

I welcome the emergence of Kejriwalji phenomenon for one reason-his relentless fight against corruption that became gargantuan in scale and for creating an awareness among the people.
It is one thing to make promises as a demagogue before elections but another to implement the promises.While he should promise to do his best in the areas where people suffer most,it should not be specific on the quantum without examining the issues carefully while as CM on the chair.
I would have preferred him to have declined to form the government and face the elections after a stint of President's rule.If he were to win then with a clear majority that would have added to his stature and his strength.

There can be no two opinions that he has risen as a shooting star in the political firmament.