Dec 29, 2013

My Indian Favorites @ 2013 # 10 - Raghuram Rajan

I'm a strong believer of this: It's a person's interest, efforts and ownership-taking attitude that brings him up the best in his career. One need not be an IITian or an alumni of IIM or MIT! But yes, having good educational back ground gives you the wild card entry for good start in career of course with a bag-full of reputation and expectations, to safeguard the former one need to put every effort and to fulfill the later one shall first understand them. It takes whopping self confidence and workout to come out the best in your career. Mr. Raghuram Rajan, the 23rd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, is a live example of all that has been said above in the last few lines.

Indian economic situation was in an undesirable crunch before he took charge. Although it was said that Mr. Rajan would be adding every bit of his mind to bring it back to normal, it was known that it would not be that straight forward. Amidst all this, he was into the office, to handle probably the toughest job of the year. As expected, he could not be so impressive immediately, but he did definitely impacted the growth rate of the Indian Rupee. His less-interest and tax-cancellation schemes have attracted the foreign investments, some days ago. Now, the rupee has recovered a little. And we are all hoping that it would recover pretty well in the coming year.

As the talk is going on, may be a common currency for whole Asia may shut the curtain, to some extent, on the problems being faced by the Indian currency. I'm not sure about this as I'm not that fluent in economy, but I just hope Mr. Rajan would take any such moves forward, due to which the country's economic situation can be bettered. All the best Mr. Rajan and team. Looking forward for Rupee's comeback! 

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