Dec 31, 2013

My Indian Favorites @ 2013 # 2 - Comedy Nights with Kapil (Kapil Sharma)

Comedy interests me, but not comedy shows. I always prefer, be it in movies or serials, the comedy to be part of the story and to be played by the main characters themselves. Comedy Nights with Kapil is an exception in this regard, as far as I'm concerned. I can watch any number of episodes of this latest sensational comedy show back to back! May be this is the beginning of the show and hence I'm able to do so. But, to be honest to this point of time, I'm very much impressed with the entertainment I'm being bestowed on while watching this show.

The major strength to the show, according to me, and I believe I have support from many other fans, is Mr. Kapil Sharma. It feels very different to address him as Mr. After watching the comedy he explodes in this show, I prefer calling him just as Kapil, like we call a person next door. He is gifted with the spontaneity which required for any comedian to keep the audience mesmerized with the unexpectedness. His team as well does extremely well. We must also give credit to the creative directors and writers of the show for all the efforts, thoughts and creativity they put in to bring out the weekly show as a perfect resource for the audience to rejoice.  The celebrity guests add their own bit. People get to interact with their favorite stars as well as their favorite comedy characters. There have been many comedy shows. In some of them, Kapil himself participated and won. But according to me, Comedy Nights with Kapil is the best so far and only one of it's kind. 

There can be revelations about copying from a different shows from other countries. Even in that case, I'm with this show. What matters is not the copying but the presentation for the Indian audience. But I hope this is a complete Indian born and run show by the Indian technical team! Looking forward for the rest of the episodes. How can I close this post without mentioning this? "Baba Ji Ka Thullu!!". A brand it    has almost become!

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