Dec 30, 2013

My Indian Favorites @ 2013 # 4 - Balika Vadhu

'Child marriage' was a burning social issue in India. It continued to impact the innocent childhood days and hence the adulthood crazy wishes of many until the mid of the very first decade of the twenty first century. Although  the instances have come down in the recent years as far as the complete country's statistics are concerned, i is still an issue in the rural India. Taking this particular issue as the basis to the plot, the way 'Balika Vadhu', the TV serial, has been made up till date is the best among all the TV dramas, according to me. 

Every character's characterization has been done incredibly well. You take any character and analyze, you will feel as if the writer and the director have actually lived those characters and moments! The screen play is the best. What I especially like in this is the situations that  have been created around to transform some of the characters from negative to positive, I mean through the realizations of life! The closing lines have been the trend setter types. A single line that is said at the end of every episode does have an inbuilt meaning in it that leaves you in thoughts for a while. Although couple of characters have been changed over a period of time, most of the characters have been played by the same artists, which I feel is the biggest binding factor between audience and the drama. Why Balika Vadhu is special for 2013 is that the transformations mentioned above have been telecasted during this period. It must be very effort-full for the Team Balika Vadhu. 

It's not just the child marriage that has been targeted in this serial. The illiteracy, widow marriages, closing down the liquor shops, answering back the attacks on women etc social issues have also been fought against in the serial. After watching it for this long period, I feel very close to the characters. Sometimes I feel 'it would be wonderful if such characters really exist and if such incidents really happen'. My time between 8 and 8:30 pm on a week day is spent to watch this. That will remain booked in the coming year too!

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