Dec 30, 2013

My Indian Favorites @ 2013 # 6 - Deepika Padukone

If I did not watch Ram-Leela, Deepika Padukone would not have been on my list of favorites for this year. This is true. At the same time, I've not decided on her with one film. It is only after watching Ram-Leela I gave her work a check. As I mentioned in one of my just previous posts, for Deepika as well, it's before cocktail and after it. A slight change is, in her case the stardom striking movies have not stopped with cocktail. They have come out as commercial block busters at the box office. All three of them. That's simply superb.

I do not deny the fact that the serious star-heroine crunch in Bollywood, following the big marriages happened in 2013, has ensured a straight road for Deepika Padukone. Nonetheless, it's not the number of movies or the remuneration but the script that brings audience to the theaters and success to your hands. She has done fantastic job in choosing her projects. I, at the same time, give credit to Mr. Bhansali for his pick in Ram-Leela. He is someone who do not go by the call-sheets of the actresses! She has proved herself at the end of the day. Not all can do that; and could not do that in 2013 at least. In the recent times' serious competition and credibility-taking acts, the way she has handled her successes is admirable. The tears in her eyes during one of the recent award functions, while receiving trophy from her dad, has brought out the typical Indian girl inside her. Awesomely spoken by her that day.

It seems 2014 will also be an exciting year for Ms. Padukone. As her next film is going to be along side the South India's famous ever actor, Rajinikant, she can conveniently expect another round of box office collections! Happy New Year as well is under the scanner and hence for her the successful run will not be gone with the passing year, it seems. All the very best, Deepika. Never leave your dimple full of smile! 

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