Dec 28, 2013

Post:950... Six Years Back, On Dec 28th...

December 28th, 2007, IIT Delhi, Campus placements time...

Day starts with the alarm sounding with every intention to wake me up. From the sleep I was not in. I get ready for yet another encounter with the written test. This time an online one! I see myself in the mirror while making up  my hair, which I've always tried to maintain but never can succeed till date, and I see the reddened eyes, not because I'm short of sleep but because I feel absolutely option-less if today's chance cannot be grabbed. It was totally incorrect fear, or may be making sense to that's days situation and to that day's maturity! Tears roll out in an unstoppable way. The final year in IIT gives you a single room, your friends can neither see the tears nor can shed one for you

Only one wish! To get through. But no belief after all the failures faced until then. It appeared as if I was definitely not going to get through, but just deeply wanted to

Exam happens. Group discussion gets cancelled. Interview is done. Result time. What happens in between is only academic. Which is obviously not that interesting to read here!  

And, I get through! It was the most awaited moment. It mattered the most back then, on that day. 

To keep it short here, the above is how I remember the day I got placed. But if I go back in the memory lane, I get too many other memories popping up, some very important, some very much pleasing, some very much cherishable, some very much memorable and some other very much personal. December 28th will keep coming, so as my posts in blog. I'll express some of those some other time. This is it for this time.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues at work for making me remember this date with pleasure by making my so far journey interesting. 

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KParthasarathi said...

Nice always to recall happy memories and achievements.Life is a long journey and you will have many more memorable accomplishments to make.
Best wishes for a happy New Year