Jan 23, 2014

Controlling the expectations... Take Home #283

One may not be able to meet the whole lot of expectations of others. However, by putting forward the views and situations transparently to the extent possible, one can  control the expectations of others and hence can meet the maximum of them.

The first opportunity... Take Home #282

The first Opportunity, most of the times, comes by chance. Utilizing it, gaining confidence and proving oneself dependable will lead to a handful of opportunities later on. Grab the opportunity by giving it your best efforts.

Jan 20, 2014

Dealing with the toughest... Take Home #281

Dealing with the toughest problems do not just let you know the barriers of your hidden capabilities but it also makes you realize that you can actually handle the smaller problems with ease, which appear tough otherwise at the given moment. 

Jan 13, 2014

Evolving as a person... Take Home #280

Out of the thousand things that people say about you, if only the genuine ones hurt you or make you realize your mistakes, then you are on the right path of evolving as a person, as a professional. 

Accepting the mistakes, working on the improvements, and most importantly, ignoring the undeserving talk about you that hogs around are the important ones to be practiced on the path to success, be it in personal  life or professional life.

Jan 11, 2014

Choose wisely... Take Home #279

Queries can be answered; not frustrations. Choose wisely, what to express. 

Year Opener #2014

Let me start the very first post in 2014 by wishing all the readers A Happy New Year. May you be blessed with the ability to dream big and work to achieve big.

Every time I write the marathon posts, it seems, it takes its toll on me, a little although. Psychologically and physically. The last twelve posts I made in the span of 48 hours are of course very special to me. At the same time, they have made me contended with a lot of information about whom I chose to write. While it was amazing to recollect the incidents of 2013, it was even satisfying to be able to pay my part of tribute to the deserved. Now, it has taken its toll it seems as I was more than occupied while preparing myself to write the posts and could not be able to pay attention to myself and to certain important things. Well, it's all part of blogging, which is my favorite pass time since last almost six years. 

I look forward in this new year, 2014, to extend my interest in writing and to be able to do posts every now and then, as and when I feel like writing down my thoughts. Wish you again a happy year ahead. See you.