Feb 23, 2014

When in happiness...

I can't believe it's been one month since I posted last at my blog. When in happiness, life's seasons appear to be changing so quickly that it becomes next to impossible to catch all the action and hence to execute the otherwise routine. In my case, being a regular blogger, it might have made you wonder where I had been. I'm right here but occupied, probably much more than ever before.

Amidst the too much work and too many activities, one must not lose track of doing his or her favorite acts. That does not just make one refresh, but also encourage one to perform the other tasks with much more involvement. I've learnt it and here I'm trying to understand it practically. I aim to keep writing although the next two months are going to be hectic for me. Let me see how much I will succeed. 

Friends, well, I hope everything is fine with you and your families. Keep doing the good work. I'm signing off for now. 


KParthasarathi said...

Best wishes to you Pramoda in whatever you do.

Being Pramoda... said...

Thank you Partha uncle:)

Jack said...


Very true. One must try to find time for what one cherishes to do. I am sure you will come out with laurels in whatever is keeping you so busy. Best of luck and hope to often see you here.

Take care