Apr 24, 2014

After a long time!

While it was difficult for me to believe that I'd been absent here for more than a month, I chose to make a return at my blog, with a hope that I will be able to pen down my thoughts about what I've been through during the past two months. And before I do that, let me tell you, I'm Mrs. Pramoda now; Mrs. Pramoda Ravi. A much awaited and the happiest!

Well, that apart, the missing Malaysian flight, MH370, has been in my thoughts since the day of it's disappearance. Probably, the slight flight phobia that i think I have has been very active since then. it was on March 8th the incident happen and despite of the involvement of world's best searching equipment and personal, not even a small portion of the flight debris has been found. Surprising and yes, it's hard to believe. The never ending thoughts, such as what would have happened to the passengers and the crew who were on board and how their last moments would have been passed, have been cornering me every time I look for an update at the Google news. I just hope something will be figured out, at the earlier possible if not soon. Deepest condolences for the families of the passengers and the crew. 

Another thing that has been in my thoughts is the South Korean ferry accident. I learnt from the news today that the classes have been resumed in the school which has lost more than half of the total students on board. It's going to be really difficult for the friends of the victims, especially at school and in classes. The captain and some of the crew members have been arrested and I've no comments about them this early. Some SMSes have been published in the news paper and they were undoubtedly heart touching. My heart goes out for the families and friends of all those who sunk in along with the ship. Hope this will be the last time we get to know such a horrible real incident. 

Apart from the above two, if something else has also been in my thoughts, that is the General Elections happening in India, the biggest democracy in the world. I'll write about this in the days to come and in my upcoming posts. I shall sign off for now and go to bed now to ensure that I will not rush in the morning to catch the office bus! 

Good night everyone! 

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KParthasarathi said...

Welcome back Pramoda Ravi!!
I hope you continue at Pune.
My best wishes to you both.