May 3, 2014

IPL... Yet again!!!

These days I open the Cricinfo home page, I mean the espncricinfo, to get a feeling of the happening of this season's IPL. Which they say as the prestigious league of cricket was earlier happening in Abudabi and now has returned back to it's home soil, for the post-election show. As it goes so far it appears to be dull this time unless for the super-over tie lately. At last they decided the winner of that match by counting the number of fours a team had made, which did not appeal well to me. They could have gone for another super over. They may have their own rules in the invisible rule book!

The reigning champions have lost all the five ties they have played. Another one is going on as I write this. I would not say it's because they lost good players including Sachin Tendulkar, they have enough team strength even today. Their's is a good composure, provided they all decide to play together. According to me, it was not Rohit Sharma's captaincy that ran the team during last year's successes. It was the team show, probably the best show ever by any other franchise in a calender year. If a team wins, captain wins. That too in India, only captain wins. of course he loses too on his team's defeat but he is not the lone name that people take while bestowing criticism, so he need not worry about the too much lime light. Same is the case with Mr. Sharma this year. So far his team has not performed well on any given day. He might be working it out along with his team and management. I wish him and his team all the success in saving their pride during the rest of the tournament. 

Kings XI are at their best. Maxwell is the star. Ever smiling Preety Zinta is even prettier this time. I hope this team will put up enough performance to give the fans of the game a new Champion! 

Chennai super kings are as charming as always. Even with the new team structure, they are going as if they have a highway laid out in front of them. Here we talk about captain once again. Dhoni; he has become a well experienced and even more balanced player these days. His handsome captaincy can be more enjoyed by the fans who play cricket. I've never played and hence I'm not that fortunate now. In any case, Chennai will be one of the tough contender for the title, as always. 

Sunrisers are appearing similar to how Deccan Chargers appeared in the very first season of the IPL. They were the most composed on paper and on filed they bottomed the table. Sunrisers are very good by names, but are not looking any different from their ancestors. I'd like to see better performance from them. You know what, watching your home team winning a match is like eating mom-made food. It gives pleasure from inside. So all the best to them.

Virender Sehwag is the player whose come back is the most wanted and awaited. He is not making those biggies but he is not discouraging too this time. Viru, please play well. And do come back for a decent farewell from the game to which you contributed a lot. So as the same what I have to say for Gambhir. His team is doing relatively well but much more is expected from the new-father! Congratulations to him. Sharukh Khan's immature-fest has not yet started off, we may get to see something interesting in the very next game at the Eden Garden!  

Kohli and his boys appeared strong in their initial matches but slowly they have also come down to make their opponents feel that they can be defeated too. With that below hundred team score, they have ruined the killer reputation they gained from last three IPL seasons. Rajasthan is the slow killer as always. Without the senior players like Dravid and Sachin, this IPL is more like a, I don't know what to say! Probably, a contest of contemporaries, except for the fact that Kalis is still hanging out there. 

All in all, a very boring and unimpressive IPL it is this time, for me. I'm looking for some refreshing headings in the news paper about some inspiring performances, so that I can get back to watching it. Otherwise, I will be watching only the play-offs and the final of course. And yes, no news on match fixing is anticipated. I hope we will not be required to go through all that yet again! Fingers crossed. 

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