May 7, 2014

The Polling Day

It's all about the General Elections these days. Turn on any news channel; you will find the news about elections. Until couple of days before the polling day, it's all about the campaigning and the quotations each leader must have said about the opposition. From then onwards and until the day of polling it's about the poor arrangements made for the polling staff at polling booths. Finally on the day of polling, it's just about the percentage of polling in each region and few here and there disputes between the parties. Being a follower of 2014 elections on TV, that's what I can say.

In Andhra Pradesh, the state which I belong to, it is declared that approximately 80% polling has happened this time. It's the highest in this region in the recent years. That makes me proud, very proud. At the same time, the fact that I'm one of the responsible persons for that lacking 20% is killing me since yesterday. It's not that I've not tried. Just that I've not tried enough this time. I should have planned everything earlier. Anyway, had the percentage of voting been low, I would have had to worry about my absence more. All in all it's a good day and a historic one as well. 

As my parents are teachers in government school, I've been hearing from my child that any government employee should not support any political party openly. I think I've adopted the same although I'm not an employee of the government. With my age, the feeling of keeping it to myself has aged too. Also, as per the election commission, one must not declare about his vote openly. I support that. In India, emotions overrule the rest. If a person, who is liked by many people, says that he has voted for certain party, his followers immediately start shaking hands with the same party personal. Blind belief is not new in India and nothing wrong as per most of the people. It's the same if it is to worship a god or to surround a person or the so called leader. But you can't hid it as well. People get to know in no span of time about you and the part you support for. This is much easier in villages where the number of voters are less. In such villages, I don't think people are able to cast their vote on their own. They have to follow someone! Although this situation is becoming better and better every time, it might take a long span of time for everyone to realize and prepare themselves for a disciplined way of voting. 

BJP's prime ministerial candidate appears to be the top contender this time. Literally until the announcement of his selection, BJP was not so there in the race. Although there had been a lot of opposition for the ruling party, it was not sufficient to make people look at BJP. But the moment Narendra Modi was announced as the BJP's Prime ministerial candidate, the equations changed left and right, and from top to bottom of India. Many local parties have already announced their support to Modi. Today, it seems as if we are just waiting for the much anticipated and expected announcement. Let's see how it turns out on 16th. By the way, I'm going to take leave on that day! 

Assembly poll in Andhra Pradesh is quite interesting. It appears as if it's very straight forward when you watch a particular news channel and read a particular news paper. But if you change the channel or read the other news paper, you just feel as if you have forgotten everything you have seen and read so far.  After you keep quiet for sometime, it feels as if NOTA is made for us. But then, the responsibility that has been taught since childhood comes into picture and makes you to choose one out of the two. Obviously, everyone believe their choice is the best in the existing. Nothing wrong in that.

Well, fingers crossed now. Waiting for 16th May, the counting day. Hope the hike in the polling percentage is for good cause! Waiting for the judgement day! 

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