Jun 12, 2014

A green bed sheet?

In continuation to one of my just previous posts, I'd like to mention something that amused me very recently on a flight journey.

I was fortunate to get the cleaner window that I much desired. As I chose a seat on the western side of the plane and since the journey was in the morning, I could greatly escape the sun light shade in the photos as expected. I was travelling to the beautiful state, Kerala. When you are in a domestic plane, you may never know where you are flying at the moment unless the pilot or the crew discloses. But here, as and when the plane entered Kerala, I was pretty sure that it was it. It appeared as if the nature was enjoying its rainy season's sleep under the green  bed sheet. Everywhere, literally everywhere it was green. Houses appeared to be placed in between the greenery, as if the seeds of the watermelon were placed amidst the red carpet. I specifically noticed and also clicked a play ground, probably a school's or a college's. It was with red soil and the scene appeared just perfect. 

The only time when I wondered why I had chosen a seat that side was when the plane took its turn to land. Because, the otherside of the plane was the sea view. You cannot afford to miss viewing it in a monsoon season! Well, I could not do more than just remain seated and buckle up. Nonetheless, I could witness it prior to the flight's turn for landing. Immensly exciting it was. You fly all the way from the middle-west of the country to the south-western tip and when a sea view welcomes you to the city along with the total greenery, you never mind if no one waits for you in the airport. Once you come out of the airport in a cab and you are on your way to your place, if your cab passes by the beach road, whatelse can be a perfect finish? Awesome trip I had. I loved it and it was worth the expenditure. 

I'm going to enjoy the season in here. I'm sure the nature will inspire me again and again to write from here. 

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