Jun 11, 2014

A ride, above the clouds and below the sky

Not sure why the flight journey sits on my head and gets to me all possible fearful thoughts. May be its because I have not yet travelled enough to get used to all such thoughts, wherein they appear very normal and I become thoughtful about something else irrespective of the planned journey. 

Today I had an early morning flight for an hour or so. I realised or  I must say I discovered as soon as the flight took off, that the sun exists behind the clouds even if its not the sun rise time what you witness everyday. The light becomes much brighter as you reach the height of the feets just short of forty thousands. If you are a photography lover, you must wish that you get a window seat on the eastern side. One more thing you must wish for, which I have also learnt today, is a cleaned window next to you. 

The ride at tens of kilometres from the ground and between the white clouds and bluish skies has of course made my day today. I could manage to click some of the shots from there although I had to look back and side occasionally to see if anyone was noticing me to understand that it was one of my first few hours of flying experience.

Well, I have another flight now. This time I ensured a window seat on the western side of the flight so that I can click the beautiful greenery of the southern most part of India, without the shad due to sun-light on the window. Hope to see a relatively cleaner window this time.

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