Jun 13, 2014

A walk alongside the road and railway track...

You can learn a lot if you can observe your surroundings, people, nature etc is what they say. This is true as far as my experience goes. Observing the surroundings is nothing but the involvement we have into our lives, after all we are also surroundings to someone else. If we feel we are doing good and people learn from us, we must also believe that we can learn from anyone too.

I roamed around a little today. I walked alongside a main road. I could do two things things for myself while I was going through the street. One, ATM, it does not change you go anywhere, except the prompt for the local language, you anyway choose 'English' as option. I doubt if I ever choose my local language, will I be able to go through the transaction cycle with same ease as that of it by choosing the 'English' option. Two, I had coconut water. If you have not yet visited Kerala, you must believe me, You can see hundreds of coconut trees in your surroundings, you have to search a lot for the shop where you can get coconut water. I have been told that here people get more profit by exporting them than by selling them road side. Fair enough. But good that at least some shop keepers, by chance or choice, have their shops. Having said that, I'd like to share one more recent learning of me about the coconut water. That is, you can actually prepare coconut water at home. There is a power in the market these days, it costs nine rupees and you can make a coconut water. I didn't try it but my friends did. I'm yet to check for feedback from them.

In Trivandrum, auto riksha costs less, relatively when compared to Pune. In the Pune city, yes it costs similar but in the area where I stay, it appears as if they are charging for one sitting into it instead of the distance of travel. I got down the auto and I was walking in the same direction where the auto was heading when I was in it. The auto driver who came next to me and stopped the auto to ask me if I wanted to get dropped after some more distance. I nodded but I could not stop myself from thanking him. Here I do not want to generalize. May be that particular person would have behaved the same if he is somewhere else in the world or some other person might have not said what he said. Anyway, the point is he offered me a ride for free of cost. 

After sometime, I found myself walking next to a railway track and the other side of it were the coconut trees and many other trees in green color with colorful flowers. I think it was due to the rain, they were afresh. I walked long and after I was approached the end of the road I thought, only things missing in the entire walk were the train on the track as I was walking and rain. As a last step, I stepped into the rain water on the road as that was the only way to cross it, I took it positively and thought, ok, now my new rainy season sandals have been tested for the first time. 

I enjoyed it all throughout. It is feeling great as I share my experiences here at my blog. Looking forward for few more. 

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