Jun 18, 2014

Along with the house, some portion of the mind gets cleared too!

When the house is cleaned and all the things are arranged back in their places, along with the house, some portion of the mind gets cleared too. I've noticed it many number of times including today. There is a certain calmness comes to me that it keeps me cool and open for many other thoughts. 

The initiation to clean the house starts when the mind and body are open to tackle the task. The body allows you to do so only when it is in its normal working condition. Any kind of ailment can put it away from some of the physical form of work. Once the cleaning is done, along with the satisfaction, something else as well happen to you. I guess, that's the clearance of the laziness that some portion of the mind was going through before the task was started. It feels great once the ice is broken.

Being regular in cleaning takes a lot of your mind than body. Its to do with certain form of the discipline one's mind is grown up. This generation's working women cannot anyway continue with their discipline unless otherwise its too much occupied in the head due to the family back ground or whatever. But being pretty much irregular is not good at all. When house does not give you a kind of soothingness, does not matter how much you may earn, its of no use for your inner well being. If the couple share the work and maintain the house, its the best form of doing it. Not just that working women needs support, it also makes sure the man of the house takes at least some portion of the responsibility of keeping things in place everytime he uses one. Its very helpful for any women, working or non-working, if her husband keeps things in place and also teaches the kids to do the same. 

Keeping mind clear is far more important than keeping the house cleaned. House is your back yard and only your family, at the maximum, can get impacted. But if the mind is not clear, it can its toll on many people around you in the society you live. Better be responsible in maintaining it to be clear most of the time.

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