Jun 13, 2014

Away from home, friends are the family!

It's been since very long that this post is lying in the drafts. Somehow, I could never put enough stuff into it so that I will be able to post it. I thought I must do this post as part of my writing spree of these days. Here it goes.

Most of us stay away from home these days. By home, I mean the houses which once we felt as our homes, where either they or their memories stay. Its always a wonderful feeling to stay home, get relaxed, have mom-made food and enjoy flipping through the TV channels however bore they may be. Its blissful to be surrounded by the family. No matter what, they are there to support you or you are there around in need for them. Once you leave your home, be it for work or for your career whichever is its type, it's one and the same if you are just few kilometers away or if you are millions of miles away. You can reach out to them or they can attend to you quickly if you stay near by and in the other case it just a matter of time. Sometimes the time is not sufficient but most of the times its good enough I guess. 

Well, we reach out to each other, there is no doubt about it. But the fact is that you need not do so every time and in case of every need. You may just have to reach out to your friends. Anyway, these days, as much as I'm aware of, the understanding that friends have to help each other while they stay away from home is getting more and more correct among people. I have many friends who help me, whom I help and who help each other, as if they are the family. In fact, it might be proper to say that they are the extended part of your family. Its not just for the fact that you can be carefree, your parents can also stay free and away from and concerned thoughts about you and your partner, kids etc. Parents are parents. You may be are surrounded by thousands of friends, but they keep thinking of you. There is a difference between thinking and being concerned. You can avoid their concern by having and by maintaining your friends' circle in the city where you stay. Parents as well have to maintain their own friends circle such that their sons and daughters can be free of anxiety. One need not worry that he or she is helpless. The feeling that the friends are there to look after at least until you reach there in case of emergency gives immense peace to heart and hence the goodness. 

Having been staying away from home from past fourteen years, I think I can say the above based on my experience. Its not easy to stay away from mom when you are ill. Most of the times, that news does not even reaches her. It can be done only if you have someone playing an important role, although not as mom which is impossible too. Same is the case with her. She cares for you more than she cares for herself and she is quiet most of the times of her sickness, unless you get the news from someone else or she decides to share with you, as she takes you as her best friend. 

Friends play an important role and hence its important that they are cared for. Away from home, they are your family. Realize as early as possible. Choose them as wisely as possible. 

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