Jun 16, 2014

Canal into the ocean, a first time experience...

I had been to sea shore of the Arabian ocean recently. Unexpectedly, there was a canal that was getting mingled with the ocean. That was for the first time I saw such a sight. It was far different from what I imagined it to be. River mingling might be an entirely different process. This was a small canal, in the village called 'Veli' near Trivandrum. 

It was on a full moon day we went there. The tides were on their own and to the fullest. At least, I never saw more intense waves earlier. As the canal was also getting mixed there, the beach was with full of trash. The canal carries lot of hanging tree types. So, all that comes and gets accumulated at the bank between the ocean and the canal. The narrow passage, where the water flows into the ocean, gets cleaned water after the trash is removed or side lines by the staff, probably working there. It looked very difficult for them to do that job. The result was the beach that appeared unmaintained. More staff might be needed to do the needful. The place exactly where the water gets into the ocean from the canal, water waves dark in color were obderved. Probably that was due to the mud flown from the canal most likely due to the trash which gets decomposed after floating for longer time. One more interesting thing was, at that site there was no barricade kind of a thing. The water flows into the ocean so fastly. If by any chance, or by mistake, you get into the canal there, you are directly into the ocean amidst those dirty tides as said earlier. It's dangerous. The soil at the bank was also so wet due to the tides that at any moment it can be get mixed to the water! They must do some arrangement there. 

The whole site was with full of black trash majorly. But the scene was ecstatic. Later to watching that, my desire to watch a river-ocean mingling site has been increased. I will go for it next time, probably at the east coast, where we get to see more of such sites compared to that of the west coast. 

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