Jun 27, 2014

'Extra' but not 'Free'

I've got an observation to share here. Last month I bought one of my favorite biscuits, Hide & Seek. As I'm a regular taker of this biscuit packet, I was sure of the amount that I had to pay. But never I bought only one packet, every time in a bunch I used to buy them. So fond of them I've been. Even this time, I went to the shop to buy something else. Incidentally I asked for Hide & Seek. The shop keeper gave me one packet. It appeared longer than usual. I glanced through it. It got '30 % Extra' written over it. That's all. I did not take even another minute. I asked for three more. I paid and left the shop, later on I enjoyed every piece of it as an evening snack. I must say, I enjoyed the 'Extra' even more. 

Today again I went to the same shop and asked for the same biscuit packet. This time I asked for only one packet as I recently decided to control having them. I asked for the amount to be paid and I was told it as twenty five rupees. For a moment I did not realize but later on I recollected that the price of that used to be less than that. Then the shop boy told me "Madam, its 30 % extra". Then I thought, although I did not say it to him, "Yes, it's extra, and that's why the price should remain the same"! Immediately I got his point and I was happy for myself that I did not utter out what I had thought. 

Actually it was 30 % extra and not 30 % free! Earlier when I asked for three more packets, I was under the impression that I was getting 30 % more for same price hence why should I lose. You know, there have been many instances, like many other women, when I took a bog sized Horlicks packet for the bottle coming free with it, Surf packet for the plastic box and etc. This time as well I thought it was all free. But to my surprise, this time I was wrong. After I realized it, I calmly paid the amount and left the shop. That's the business trick by the Hide & Seek manufacturer, may be that's the Hide and Seek game played with the customers! Good anyway. From next time onwards I shall look at the words and their meanings as well along with the size and weight  of the packet!

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