Jun 7, 2014

Girls' Chat and Gossips!

Although it's not the fundamental right of any girl, every girl including me feels that gossiping is made for girls. Leave two girls alone and if you can manage to listen to them, I bet no entertainment in the world proves the best than that of what you listen. Coffee maker to the history maker, everyone can be the topic of girls' chatting and gossiping. 

If it's in college, it can be either a topper or the best player, a lecturer or the hostel warden, you never know who becomes the topic of girls' chats. It begins no where, ends no where, and the funny portion of it is that it is for no reason the topic keeps changing all the way. When it comes to office, you have multiple options to chat on and gossip on. Out of all the options, the least chosen is about another female colleague. Most of the times and I must say almost all the times, it's about a male colleague! Peer to boss, no one is an exception. If anytime a girl becomes a topic, there must be a boy associated with it. You only have to experience all this to understand how much fun it is. 

I think it keeps girls moving, stress-free. Although i'm sure of it, I don't want to conclude it here. As far as I'm concerned, I feel comfortable and probably more focused after doing that. It basically takes out the garbage thoughts off my mind. It refreshes me more than deviating me from the target. Well, this is all applicable for a funny type of chatting and gossiping, but not for the type of it when you talk about someone beyond the limits. If you go out of control in doing so, you are the major sufferer as all that what you have said attacks back on you immediately after you say that. Better be a fun-gossiper than a serious, emotional and exotic.   

Girls, make use of it wisely! Be humorous, be happy, and make everyone refresh. Don't lose your way by overdoing it.

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