Jun 19, 2014

Kanyakumari, one of the marvels

I'd been to Kanyakumari couple of months back. It was a journey of just couple of hours from Trivandrum. Once the train reached Kanyakumari railway station, we along with many other tourists wondered if we were in the right station and if we should get down! Our expectations of Kanyakumari railway station were far more than that of the place where we arrived in. Finally, after checking carefully with some of the people around, we got down. It was a terminus for obvious reasons and beach was said to be a kilometer away from there. 

Narrow streets, crowded stalls, hotels with a lean entrance etc were what we could see during the first ride in the town. Hotel room with the sea view costed more but we did not choose it. We thought we might be next to sea until the night that day and we might not require the dose of a sea again during the late night. The first look at the sea was from the hotel terrace. The water was so blue in color that we ended up confused while figuring out until where it was water and where the sky started. 

Vivekananda rock and Triveni Sangamam
There was a boat ride in the sea to the Vivekananda rock. Like anyone else, we did wear the life jacket while on the way but we did not mind much while we were coming back to the halt. From the corners of the Vivekananda rock, what all could be seen was the blue waters. First of all we wondered, how Vivekananda must have made it to there onto the rock! We thought he might have swimmed or someone would have hosted him in a boat. From there, wherever you look, you have the sea in front of you except toward the Kanyakumari town. It was an amazing experience. I tried to capture it as much as possible in the camera but what my heart clicked was beyond any other photograph. Triveni Sangamam was only read in the text books in school. Once I stood there, the feeling of standing on the southern most tip of India exhilarated me. 

Sunset point
Sunset point was around one kilometer away but as usual, the auto drivers had to say it as two to three kilometers. We were one of the very few people who reached the spot first. There was only one advantage of being there first, you can sit on the rock of your own choice. We chose one from where we thought the view will be the best. First the first time I waited long to see the sunset. Clouds made us miss some portion of the party but nonetheless, we could witness the sunset there. On the way  back, all we wished was for a clean sunrise next day morning. You do not get a chance to see sunrise as well as sunset from the same place otherwise. 

You do anything but you cannot keep ladies away from shopping. We do shop everywhere so did I there. Out of all that I bought, the Kerala traditional Saree came close to me. 

Sunrise, the marvel 
We thought we would be reaching the sunrise point before anyone. Once we reached there we realized we were among the last ones to reach there. The first look at the eastern side of the ocean that day morning made me feel as if I was standing in front of a different world. It felt as if I was waiting there to welcome the people from another earth. It was so dark in the rest of the sky and only on the eastern most side it lightened up. People went every far to catch the beautiful view, probably the best. A bell rang from the Vivekananda rock seconds before the sunrise. Everyone was alert. Sun slowly raised from the waters of the ocean as if someone is pulling a red ball from the waters. I captured the whole scene in my camera in the form of a video but believe me, what was witnessed there was beyond what any video can do to you. Sun became so bright after the full sunrise that we had to put hand above the eyes to continue watching the scene. This time it was clear sky and we thanked the clouds silently. Earlier to watching this scene I used to wonder how to differentiate the photos of a sunrise and sunset. Now I know.

Later to the sunrise we walked along the stone bridge built half a kilometer into the ocean. We reached the edge of it. The feeling of sitting on one of the last rocks of it was more than amazing. Sitting there for a moment I thought, what if all these waters come on to me right now! Then I heard my innerself saying, "Ok, bring it on!". One of the  marvelous scenes and moments of my life was that. 

The visit to the city of three oceans will always remain in my memories. All the hundreds of photographs that I clicked will ensure I will not lose the taste of the scenes. 

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