Jun 8, 2014

Movie: Queen

Having been recently married, I understand how it feels two days before marriage. You are all surrounded by your relatives. You always see your parents running with both the legs with work in both the hands. You can hardly find your face wash and tooth brush. If there are kids at home and you have just purchased a new mobile, you never know where to hide it, at times forgetting the location which you chose to hide it, you end up roaming around for that. A lot goes in bride's mind. That everything is happening so quickly. That she has to leave this place soon and comes back only as someone's wife and not as a full-fledged daughter of her house. Amidst all this, if her fiancee, who once proposed her and she eventually loved, comes to her to say that he would not be able to marry her just because her life style does not suit to his as he has changed over the years, it does not just spoil her bride-mood but it actually kills her from inside. If the very thought that she has been left out pinches her from inside, doubts from her innerself like what people think and how her parents will be able to cope up with all that stress, etc ruin her further. 

With all this going inside her, if the bride, a girl can take a decision of going on her pre-booked honeymoon, it's the ultimate thought a movie director or the story writer can get in the contemporary world. With this start, the way the movie has been run is a fantastic example of the thoughtfulness of the director and co. Kangana Ranaut is the best suited for the role, Rani, meaning the Queen.

A lot might happen to you, good or bad, there is always a lot more goes on around the world. A lot can happen, a lot bad can happen to the people around the world whom you might never be aware of their existence. While you sink in the misery about your unfortunate self, you tend to shut the doors of your thoughts about what goes around. In this situation, if the life stories and miseries of your fellow human beings come your way, you tend to think for them and hence realize how similar are your experience to that of your fellow mates. You start realizing the fact that there is a lot more than tears and depression in the world. A lot that you can actually do, contribute to the world. That there are many ways you can live your life in an inspiring way. That you can actually handle a lot more misery that you have even thought of. 

The script of this movie is written in too many languages, but still it makes you comfortable in understanding the very meaning of it. You witness every emotion of a girl, including her unbreakable confidence towards the end of the movie. A relief, a satisfaction, a realization and happiness are the emotions that you witness and go through during the last few reels of the movie. The care that the movie crew have taken to ensure nothing other than the story that dominates the show has mesmerized me and in fact it taught me the focus that one must have about what to convey and how to do it crystal clear.

The basic necessity of anyone to live is to love his or her own self. Once you do that you are more satisfied from inside that you will be able to accept the fact that there are better people than you. You then know that you have to help someone and you have to follow someone. You will also realize that you will have to inspire someone and to do which you will put your best effort. Life is not just about marrying someone. If you get marriage there is a lot life and for any reason, if your marriage breaks up, there is still a lot to live for and strive for. 

It felt great to see the Queen, Rani, realizing her way of life. All throughout the movie, it's only her waves that surrounded me. I was actually watching the movie on a small screen, which before the start of the movie jumped a lot in mute mode, that the script and the emotional content of the movie never allowed me to realize the dimensions of the screen after the start. At the end, there was a feeling of satisfaction that I got, it felt so peaceful from inside. 

Don't just sit back thinking the bad that you think that has happened to you. Go out and see what's going on. You might just realize that the bad that has happened to you is for good. The 'bad' is actually something else or there is nothing of that sort! 

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