Jun 30, 2014

Responsibility is responsibility!

I do not want to take more time to describe the ongoing Soccer world cup knock out match between France and Nigeria as the most boring one so far! Both the teams are hurdling up in the same way around the ball. Surprisingly, there have been no yellow or red card shown in the first half of the game even after ample number of players gone down on the ground. Couple of superb saves, each by the goal keepers of both the sides. Commentators said that it was the nineteenth save for the Nigerian goal keeper. He must be wondering about his side's defense. 

The first knock out match between Brazil and Chile was so well that each side played their heart out. Brazilian players did not do it up the mark but Chile was unstoppable too. They did their best undoubtedly. I always loved the penalty shootout. I did not expect it to appear in the world cup so earlier and that too in a Brazil's match. With the home team's win, there were many relived faces in the stadium. Had that one player, I do not know his name, was more alert and did not allow the Chile team to get the back in front of the Brazil's goal post, most portion of the rest of the match would have been different. He would have got enough hearing from the coach, Scolari, I guess. 

Netherlands escaped it with an aggressive game towards the end of the match. Mexico players must be appreciated for the show. The last seven minutes changed the result. Netherlands must be more sensible about their upcoming opponents Costa Rica. They too conceded the goal in the last minute but for an hour of the play they did not have their eleventh player in the field. Experts are saying that the penalty for the Netherlands was a genuine one. Hats off to that referee who took such a bolt decision under pressure. 

Only today I observed the security or staff who stand turning their backs towards the football field and facing the audience. I can imagine how difficult their job must be. If they are fans of the game, it must be almost impossible to keep themselves turned to their backs at the ongoing match. Responsibility is responsibility however tough it is to fulfill.

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