Jun 15, 2014

Sunday morning it is, and its different today

Just finished a play session in the ground with some new friends in Trivandrum. 

I used to participate very actively in sports when in school and college. It used to be fun. In school days I used to play for representing our school. Everytime I practiced, I practiced to learn but every time I played I played to win. In my four years of participation, I along with my new team mate every time won at least a prize. Only in the last year, when I was in tenth standard we were winners, rest all the times we were only runners up. Those last year memories have been undoubtedly valuable so far and they will remain to be for sure.

In college, again mostly I played out of no practice and to win. But as I approached towards my graduation, sports started inspiring me. Rather, I must say I started getting inspiration from all types of sports, what I play and which I don't. I started learning more. More than the game, how it's played. I got attracted towards fair play and aggressive play over the period of years. Team games used to interest me in the begining but when I started eating tennis, I really got into the individual play. I mean, the singles. I was amused by their strength and presence of mind. At some point of time I thought even the presence of mind can be practice's too. 

It carried on a lot later on and every time in increasing manner. One can get that very easily through my previous posts too. 

Today, during the play session few things clicked to me. Now I know why the fielding team, in cricket, tends to appeal again and again. Its not the mind that does, its the subconscious one I guess. We just shout, we might know from inside that there is no point, but we just go ahead at that very moment. Henceforth I will curse the opposition team less when they appeal against the Indian players. I also learnt that you need to be quick to begin with but not just that. You need to complete the job, no relaxation until then. 

Also,I felt the following. Every time you lose you will have a strong desire for one more chance. And if you win, its nothing different , still you wish for one more chance, unless you do not aim big. When we play the game just as a game by following the rules, you need not be conscious about supporting your team mate. You will just flow with the game and it will flourish.  That makes the best teams as well. Of course, we are all humans and we tend to think many things but if the game can be played just as a game, you need not tell anyone to be with the game. He will anyway do. 

This is how my experience is as far as today's play is concerned. Enjoyed a lot, laughed to the fullest, encouraged very much, felt active and relaxed. Thanks to everyone who were present out there. That's a Sunday morning, something different. 

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KParthasarathi said...

I am glad you are enjoying playing cricket and having fun.
I have only one point.One should appeal only when there is genuine doubt.Reckless appeals hoping that umpire may err is not in the spirit of game and also devalues appeal.I admire batsman walk out even when there is no appeal whatever situation the team is in.